10 Memory Games for children that Help to Sharpen the Brain

Is your child facing difficulties in remembering a tiny bit of information? Does he/she forget the task given and do something else? Memory is very important to build a great foundation for learning either curricular or extracurricular. Children may develop their memory and other crucial cognitive abilities through games and activities that will help them in the future. Incorporation of memory games into the daily routine of the kids is must. Keep reading to know more about games that help in boosting the memory of kids!

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Memory games to sharpen the brain

These  interesting and fun memory games for the brain can help in sharpening the memory, focus as well as the concentration of children!

1.Jigsaw puzzle

Playing jigsaw puzzles is a great way to exercise your short-term memory. Sorting out the different colors that make up a picture requires focus and thus pushes the kid harder to arrange the pieces attentively. Their brain has to put more effort when there are more components to arrange. Additionally, this strengthens the connections between brain cells, enhancing memory and thinking ability. 

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2.Tray game

This is one of the funniest, memory games for the kids to play. It also helps in building up focus and concentration. Put several random items on a tray and hold it in front of the kid.  Let the child look at the tray for a moment and later you cover up the tray.  Ask the child to recall everything on the tray without looking after he or she has done that. Let them recall and write it down on a sheet of paper. Open the tray to check if anything is missing in the list. This game for the brain helps in enhancing the memory.

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3. Shopping game

The goal of this memory game is to recall as many products as you can that you bought at the shops. You have to say, “I went shopping and got a carrot”. Your kid has to add a new item to the list, “I went shopping and got carrot and milk”. As the list grows longer, players alternately try to recall the products they bought in the correct sequence. The final contestant who correctly names every item in order wins. This sharpens the memory of the kids.

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4.Magic cup game

With just two common materials like a ball and a cup, this game may be turned into a fascinating memory game. Arrange three same types of opaque plastic or paper cups rim-down in a row on the table. Put a tiny rubber ball under one cup so that your kid can see which one it is in. The cups are quickly swapped back and forth and all around by moving them across the table. Stop moving the cups and ask your child to tell you which cup the ball is currently under. This is one of the simple and fun memory games to sharpen your kid’s brain

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5. Brain yoga

Make a fist with your left hand and stretch your thumb. At the same time, make a fist with your right hand and stretch your pinky finger. Change them so the left pinky and right thumb are now in place. Not that simple? Because of the coordination required, brain connections will be strengthened, aiding memory and brain function.

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6.Match the pictures

Children’s matching image cards are an excellent source for enhancing the memory. Make sure you have all matching pairs of cards in your deck. All cards should always be dealt face down after being shuffled. Each player chooses any two cards as they proceed. If your match is successful, you get to go again. The cards are placed back in their previous spot if there is no match. Children must recall where they saw each picture during previous turns in Memory, as well as those of their teammates, in order to succeed. Those who have matched the most pairs are the winners.

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7.Traffic game

Guide your child to follow some instructions like, when you say green light they can run, red light to stop and yellow light to walk. As your youngster becomes better at this traffic game, you may add more directions like “circle” to make them spin around. This improves the memory of a kid by connecting logical instructions to actual motions. They will keep in mind both the order and what to do in response. 

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8. Follow the beats

To play beats, use silver vessels and pans that have been turned over or drums. Parents have to create a beat and kids have to follow the same beat in the same order. This enhances the memory power of kids as well as their listening skills and auditory processing abilities.

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9. Sea and shore game

Mark an area with a tape and mention it as sea. Consider other areas as the sea shore. The game’s principle is pretty simple: you provide instructions, and your kid has to do the opposite. For example, your kid has to jump into the sea if you say shore and vice versa. Though it appears to be extremely simple, this game needs a lot of processing, which is perfect for strengthening the memory! You kid have to remember which area is sea and which section is sea shore. He/she must also remember to reverse the directions and follow them properly.

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10. Sing a song

Our brains are designed to remember more likely music and patterns rather than simple sentences. So, by encouraging your child to create music and rhymes will improve his memory power.

Foods and Herbs that increase the memory power


They contain a high amount of antioxidants which protect the body and brain from free-radical mediated damages. They’re also excellent sources of magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper which are very important for brain health. 

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Nuts are good sources of healthy fats, antioxidants, and vitamin E, essential for brain health. Vitamin E protects cells against free-radical damage to help delay mental degeneration. Walnuts are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids.  

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Dark chocolate, as well as cocoa powder, are sources of brain-boosting compounds, such as caffeine, flavonoids and antioxidants. It has higher cocoa content than regular milk chocolate. The flavonoids in chocolate gather in the areas of the brain that deal with learning and memory.


Curcumin has a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which is found in the brain and spinal cord that plays a key role in keeping nerve cells healthy, as well as regulating communication between nerve cells, which is critical for learning and memory for the kid.


Brahmi is a superfood for the brain and is believed to sharpen the brain by protecting cells and increasing chemicals associated with learning and memory. It has been shown to improve spatial learning and retaining power in kids. In older times, kids were often given Brahmi powder with ghee/honey. This would increase their focus and attention while keeping them calm and distressed.

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This herb is known to reduce anxiety and stress. And is used to increase acetylcholine levels which support better memory, mental focus and intelligence. This herb also reduces mental fatigue and enhances sleep quality. It protects the brain nerve cells from damage. It is the best food for toddlers’ brain development.


This herb improves brain function mainly due to its antioxidant property. The antioxidants present fight against the free radicals responsible for causing brain cell damage and support stronger memory and hence are childs memory-boosting food.


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