7 items you should add to your kids ‘everyday’ food basket

One Apple: An apple a day keeps the doctor away! It’s not just a saying, it really works. Apple is high in antioxidants and fibre which supports higher immunity and better digestion. Avoid peeling the skin, that’s 50% source of fruit fibre and loaded with powerful antioxidants called polyphenol. Your child needs 15-20g of fibre in a day. Imagine getting 5g fibre just from an apple with the skin on. To rinse of the alleged pesticides from the top layer of the apple, I soak it in water for 20 minutes and rub it clean. You can also add Apple cider vinegar to rinse the apple.

1 small bowl Sprouted moong daal: This is the easiest form of sprouts which can get ready overnight. Sprouting makes our gut healthy and enables better absorption of vitamins and minerals by our body. Just with a small bowl your child gets 8g of fibre and 12 g of protein. With an apple and a bowl of sprouted dal you have covered nearly 100% fibre for your child and 50% protein. Purée sprouts to add to paratha dough or make Dosa or Cheela with it.

20g Nuts: They are a great source of good fat and many micronutrients which otherwise do not get covered in our daily home-cooked meals. 10-20g of nuts are sufficient for a child depending on their age/weight. If possible, add 1 brazilnut, which is a great source of selenium mineral which is not found easily in daily meals.

150ml Yogurt or Kefir: Yogurt is considerd a carrier of both Probiotics and Prebiotics which keeps our gut healthy and immunity high that eventually results in less illness. It can be used plain or as a fruit smoothie.

1 slice Cheddar Cheese: Cheese which is fermented and aged is a great source of good bacterias for the gut and also high in protein and calcium. I try to search for cheese which is at least 2 years aged.

2 tbsp Fresh or dried leaves: Green leafy veggies are high in iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Use any form of green leafy veggies, either dried or boiled and puréed, to add to your kids paratha dough. I know this can be tricky but anything can hide behind a paratha!

Half Carrot: With the amount of screen time the kids enjoy these days, it becomes imperative for them to safeguard their eyes. Beta carotene in carrot converts into Vitamin A and keeps the eyes healthy. Carrot is also loaded with phytochemicals which are excellent antioxidants and helps to keep the immunity levels high. Just with half a carrot, your child can meet 100% of daily requirement of Vitamin A.

Dried Moringa Kefir Smoothie
Sprouted Chana with nuts and apple

If you have covered these 7 food items, you can rest assured that considerable amount of nutrition has been fed to your child.

I always keep grated carrot, sprouted beans, kefir, dried moringa (drustick) leaves handy to fold up in my kids’ paratha dough. Just by adding 10g of moringa leaves (dried) along with a slice of cheese and yogurt to their diet, your kids will meet 60% calcium requirement of the day.

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