7 healthy alternatives to spread on your daily bread

Kids love to eat bread everyday. Store bought bread can be a tricky choice. Most of the options are made from extra refined flours and loaded with sugar to result in a super soft loaf. It is best to purchase a bread with a fibre to carb ratio of 1:10 or less (1:15). High intake of sugar in bread can cause weaker bones and compromise on the status of Vitamin C, D and Magnesium in the body.

Bread is a staple food in many households. Healthy spreads for bread mentioned below can help in making the meal nutritious and flavourful.

  • Herb & Seed Spread: Adding herb to the seeds spread will enhance nutrition further. Basil has been used traditionally to treat stomach ailments. Pine nuts are a source of good fat (what is a good fat?)and can mix well with Basil to make a delectable and healthy spread.
  • Cottage Cheese Spread: Freshly prepared cottage cheese can be blended to prepare a spread for bread and wraps. This healthy spread is high in protein along with other nutrients like calcium, Vitamin B12 and good bacterias. Just half a bowl of this can provide 14g of protein. (How much protein do i need?)
  • Cucumber & Yogurt Spread: Not only does this healthy spread have high calcium and protein from yogurt, but also good bacterias for the gut (what do bacterias do?) from its fermentation process. Cucumber further adds high amounts of Vitamin K (30% of daily requirement is met in just 1 cucumber) which is required for bones and healthy menstrual blood flow. This extremely low calorie food should be best consumed with the peel to include the fibre.
  • Hummus Spread: One of the most accommodating spreads, this chickpea blend is a great source of good fat and dietary fibre. When mixed with beetroot, it can offer additional nutrition of Vitamin B9 for brain and exceptionally high amounts of antioxidants too. Avocado chickpea spread offers loads of good fats and Omega-3 for brain and Vitamin K for stronger bones (what food can damage bones?)and healthy menstrual blood flow.
  • Fruit Spread: Berries or citrus fruits like orange, mandarin, dragonfruit can be cooked along with chia seed, honey and vinegar for a tasty tangy healthy spread. This formula is super nutritious. Loaded with antioxidants, fibre and extremely good for balancing hormones (what other food can help with hormones?).

Recipe for Cucumber Peanut Butter Roll

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Recipe: Healthy Cucumber Peanut butter roll

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