8 Fun and Engaging Activities for Autistic Kids

Do you worry that your autistic child does not respond well? Is he/she extremely hyper or aggressive? Studies demonstrate that engaging them in intense activities for more than 20 minutes can reduce typical behaviour, hyperactivity, and aggressiveness. Here are some fun and interesting activities for kids at home that not only help them reduce hyperactivity but also improve their attention and stimulate their senses.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD):

ASD, also known as an autism spectrum disorder, is a broad term covering several neurological behavioural disorders, including ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, bipolar disorder, intellectual disability, schizophrenia and others. These disorders can affect a child’s capability for social interaction and communication.

The intensity of the symptoms will vary depending on the child. While some children may lack emotional intelligence yet possess a high level of logical intelligence, other children may find it difficult to perform fundamental functions like getting dressed or eating by themselves. Children with ASD frequently have higher emotional needs, even though they are just as open to compassion and love as other kids.

Although raising a child with ASD can be exhausting, it is your duty to go above and above to support your child in gaining self-confidence and achieving social acceptance.

Fun Sensory Activities for kids with Autism:

Children with ASD are less likely to learn through traditional education, such as reading and writing; instead, they favour activities that use their senses.

Extracurricular activities like art and craft activities and outdoor activities which involves their senses can be an effective method to improve the child’s attention span, understand emotions and express themselves, and ease any anxiety-related problems for children with ASD. Introducing engaging and fun activities for kids with autism makes them easier to understand things and perceive the world differently. This helps them to develop their motor skills and enhance their brain’s ability to recognize and comprehend things through their sensory skills.

The following are the different extracurricular activities which can be performed easily inside the home and are more fun and exciting.

Indoor Activities for kids:
1. Magic Bottle/ Sensory Bottle:

It is a very easy activities to play at home where a bottle with some water is taken and different things like glitters, marbles, buttons and other shiny items with some colours are added to make a vibrant and spectacular magic bottle. Just tilt the bottle and see how these colours and glitters move. This increases the attention span of the autism kids and helps them stay focused.

2. Coin Shading

This requires a few coins, paper, a pencil or crayons. Take a coin and place paper over the coin. Now shade the coin on the paper with pencils or crayons to get some colourful and beautiful patterns. It is one of the fun activities for autistic kids that helps in developing hand and eye coordination and stimulating their brain in the process.

3. Vegetable Stamp

This is another activities to play at home than stimulates the creative part of the brain and helps in hand-eye coordination in children with autism. It requires certain vegetables like a lady’s finger, potato, carrots, Bell peppers/ capsicum etc and a paint bottle.

Slice the vegetable first and now tell the kids to take a piece of paper and dip the vegetable slice inside the paint and press it on the paper. This gives certain shapes and patterns. Kids can also make different arts using this vegetable stamp with different colours. This helps them to enhance their creativity as well as help them learn using their senses by visual representation.

4. Matching Game

One of the fun activities for kids involving both senses and memory. Take cards with different images of plants, animals, things etc and a bunch of paper with the name of the images written down. Ask the kids to match the name with the appropriate image and see if he/she matches it correctly. This game helps to improve the memory power of the kids as well as the ability to store information and enhance their knowledge.

“Nature is the best healer”, so take the kids outside and play some outdoor games with them. The greenery, fresh air and sunlight bring them calmness and mental peace and help in maintaining the physical fitness of the kids. The following are some outdoor extracurricular activities for autistic kids.

Outdoor activities for kids:
1. Treasure Hunt

Hide chocolates, gifts, pencils, crayons, toys or other things of your choice in a safe space like your garden, park or outside your house. Give the kids the list of objects that is hidden or their pictures and tell them to find those things. Now tell them to sort, match or arrange them in order. These activities for kids bring out the little detective and help them learn about things and organise them.

2. Hopscotch

This requires chalk, a stone or a pebble. Draw boxes and tell your kid to throw a stone or pebble inside a box. Now tell them to hop in the boxes, pick up the stone/pebble, and then come back hopping without stepping on the sides of the boxes. This game helps the kids to improve their motor skills and keep them healthy. Since these games are usually played with other kids, this helps them to improve their social and communication skills.

3. Obstacle Courses

Tell the kids to hug a tree, run around bushes, jump over a rope etc. This helps them to keep their mind and body fully energetic and contributes in developing their motor and sensory skills.

4. Magic of Rain

Water has the capacity to heal and calm a person. So, next time when it rains don’t stop your kids from enjoying it. Let them dance, play and get soaked in the rain which will provide them a refreshing experience and calm their anxiety.

These fun and exciting activities for kids with autism helps them develop their communication and interpersonal skills. It also enhance their brain’s stimulation and help them to comprehend things using their excellent sensory abilities. Most of these extracurricular activities can be played at home and can help in hand-eye coordination, increase their attention span, focus and improve their motor skills. They also boost the kid’s creativity and memory power.


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