Why does Hair Fall after Delivery?

after delivery hair fall

The most frequent inquiries today on social media and in women’s groups are – Is postpartum hair loss normal? or Why hair fall after delivery? or What are the reason for hair fall in women? Dear new Moms, don’t panic! Every mother anticipates meeting her child for the first time, but there is one thing […]

Hormonal Hair fall: Foods that help

what causes hair fall

Are you facing sudden hair loss? Is your scalp visible or your hairline is reducing gradually? Do you notice more hairs caught in your hair brush or bathroom drain or pillows? Chances are that you are not just facing normal hair fall but hair fall due to hormonal imbalance. But have you any time thought […]

Post Partum Hair Loss: Foods that help

post partum hair loss

Are you a new mommy who is facing a lot of hair loss after your little one is born? Don’t worry you are not alone. Hair loss during childbirth ( Post Partum Hair Loss) is completely normal and not true hair loss. Some women may experience this condition in one pregnancy but not in another […]

Stop Hair Fall with these 20 Superfoods

Hair fall in women is becoming a major issue among all age groups worldwide. Every person’s dream is to have healthy, voluminous and shiny hair but unfortunately due to this fast-moving lifestyle, stress and improper health care routine, they face heavy hair fall. There are various reason for hair fall but managing them with a […]

Health Benefits of Makhana


The hardest task for every mother is providing her children with nutritious snacks every time they are hungry in between meals. This post will explore Makhana and its benefits, a healthier variety of snacks (lotus seeds). Makhana, or lotus seeds, are grown in Asian nations and are regarded as a superfood. Benefits of lotus seeds […]

Serum vs Toner vs Essence: How to Use?

toner how to use

Are you fascinated about your beauty? And all the products all around you are confusing you? And it’s even more difficult if you’re a beginner who doesn’t know the difference between serum, toner, and essence. They may appear similar, but they all serve different purposes and work differently on your skin. And once you understand their […]

How skin changes after Menopause?

While your wisdom and confidence may boost as you age, but same isn’t happening for many of your hormone levels. Entering in menopause is a significant transition in a woman’s life. Menopause, which begins one year after your last period, can cause noticeable changes in your skin. When your hormone levels drop, your skin can […]

How skin changes during motherhood?

how keep skin healthy

Around 85% women face skin changes during pregnancy and after pregnancy. Motherhood is amazing experience for every woman. For some women, it comes with lots of skin problems like melasma – the pregnancy mask, dry skin, dullness, acne, and loose skin. It is because of modifications of the hormonal, vascular, metabolic or immunologic status in […]