Apple and Banana benefits for Kids

There is a famous children’s rhyme- I like to eat eat eat Apple and Bananas…which too agrees to the power of these fruits. Eating an apple and banana benefits child’s health in many ways. Just one each of these fruits can meet over 50% Fibre and Vitamin C requirement for the day, solving for Digestion and Immunity.

Our body neither produces nor stores vitamin C. Hence it becomes imperative to consume it everyday. It is a powerful antioxidant which protects the body against free radical damage that can lead to serval diseases in the long run. Vitamin C is also important for the formation of collagen protein which is found in skin, bones and teeth. Deficiency in Vitamin C can lead to susceptibility to infections, aging, bleeding gums and slow healing.

Benefits of eating apple daily:

Apples should be mashed or steamed or blended for consumption but never juiced. All the fibre of the fruit is strained out when it is juiced. The polyphenols present in the skin of the apple are also separated out while juicing. Polyphenol is an antioxidant which helps to fight diseases. In simple words, it will balance the negative impact of consuming other fast-foods. Several studies reveal the benefits of consuming 400mg of this compound to work its magic on making body healthy and disease free. Hence, always consume an apple with the skin. 1 Apple provides roughly 400mg of Polyphenol, which is enough for the day.

Finally, another important benefits of eating apple daily is that in addition to fibre and vitamin C, apple also has a compound Quercetin which favors Brain health and impacts better memory and cognitive ability in kids.

What are benefits of eating banana?

Banana is high in fiber and prebiotics, both of which support smooth digestion. It contains potassium which is an essential mineral required for heart health and is rich in pectin( a type of fiber) that helps in regulating blood sugar levels.


Both fruits are a rich source of natural fiber. The moment you remove the skin of the apple, you reduce the fiber by 50%. Kids needs 15-20g of fiber based on their age/ weight. One apple with skin can give roughly 5g of fiber. One banana has 3g of fiber. Kids nowadays consume 1/10th fiber of what was consumed centuries ago. Processed, easy-to-gulp food has taken priority. This has resulted in extreme digestion issues.

apple and banana benefits for kids

Mostly kids enjoy eating apple and banana for their snack. They are the easiest source of added fiber and Vitamin C along with varied nutrients in daily diet. In addition to fighting infection, Vitamin C also helps in absorbing Iron in the body. Iron is important for high energy levels as it helps in blood production in the body (haemoglobin).

These fruits also help in keeping kids full for a longer duration due to high fibre content. This way apple and banana benefits with weight loss for kids who are over weight or obese by controlling the prevalent binge eating trend in kids nowadays.

Recipe for Apple and Banana Muffins (with hidden herbs and nuts)

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apple and banana benefits

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