Brain Booster for speech and eye contact

Does your child struggle to gaze and make eye contact with you? Does it also gets difficult for him/her to express using longer sentences? Are you also worried about their unclear voice? Did they used to speak wonderfully earlier and now somehow have unknowingly stopped speaking? It’s quite certain for your worry to creep in. But here we have something very useful for you on the platter! Parents!! Need not worry. Let’s dive deep into the secret ingredients of the Brain Booster.

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What do the parents have to say?

Here’s how it works!!!

1. 2-3 years 


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What does Rama have to say?

I started Brain Booster along with therapies, after using it for a month noticed improvements such as:  

  • Not repeating same words
  • Command following
  • Understanding and focus
  • Calm and obedient
  • Learning new words
  • Autism Assessment score decreased from 10 to 4.

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2. 4-5 years


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What benefits did Barkha notice in her 5 years old? 

I used Brain Booster for 4 months and could notice lot of improvements like :

  • Voice became clear
  • Able to spell difficult words
  • Started using lot of new words and sentences
  • Expressing in clear and commanding tone

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3. 6-8 years


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What benefits did Neeta notice in 1-2 months?

  • Overcame speech delay
  • Can frame and speak lengthy sentences
  • Became more interactive and social
  • Confidence has increased at expressing herself

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4. 9-12 years


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After using for 3-4 months , Monalisa could notice positive changes like :

  • Focus and also concentration is increased
  • She began speaking broken sentences
  • Understanding has improved

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So Come on! Lets hold more focus upon it’s working.

How does it work?

Indeed it’s a pack of Brain health with the perfect combination of all potent ingredients! 

It is a healthy brain booster food made up of ingredients such as Nuts, Seeds, Ayurvedic herbs like Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Ashwagandha which can strengthen the left side of the brain which has a language development section. The brain booster food also helps in naturally providing omega-3, healthy fats and protein to the child. You will first notice the benefits of concentration. Once higher concentration is formed, there will be an improvement in eye contact and also attempt-to-speech will begin within 2-3 months of regular use. 

Brain booster is available as two variants. BRAIN BOOSTER chocolate spread and BRAIN BOOSTER savoury spread (Non-sweet). These provide daily nutrition for kids & teens to help support brain development (Memory, Focus & Mood), especially for kids who typically:

  1. Are unable to focus and also feel distracted
  2. Have to develop brain’s full potential for learning
  3. Are restless and also unusually active
  4. Feel emotionally low and dull
  5. Have Speech Delay, Autism, Dyslexia, Stammering, Lack of eye contact

Hold on! Let’s take a look at the ones who have been benefited.

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Benefits of Ingredients

Brain booster chocolate spread by Iyurved is a preservative-free health food product made entirely of natural ingredients. It includes: 

1. Nuts : Nuts are treasure house of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats, protein, and also fibre, all of which help children grow, develop, and learn. All nuts, including almonds, walnuts, cashews, peanuts, and hazelnuts, are high in vitamin E and also aid in memory enhancement. They are also antioxidants that protect cells from harm. Walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids and are also therefore beneficial for brain function, memory, and reasoning ability. This fatty acid also promotes cognitive function and aids with communication.

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2. Seeds : Apart from nuts, seeds such as flax, chia, melon, sesame, and pumpkins offer potent antioxidants such as vitamin E, which protect the brain from free radical damage. Sunflower seeds have an effect on overall mood and so also mental processing abilities, hence they are regarded as a brain-boosting snack. Pumpkin seeds contain more magnesium, copper, and zinc than other seeds, which aid in concentration, memory, and attention span. One of the simplest brain-boosting foods for children to consume.

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3. Ashwagandha : It is the most potent herb for boosting the neurological system. It promotes brain function, understanding, and cognitive performance. Ashwagandha is a kind of adaptogen. It has been shown to also reduce anxiety and stress. Furthermore, it raises acetylcholine levels, which aids in memory, mental focus, and intelligence and also speech. Ashwagandha increases brain function and may also help protect against cognitive deterioration.

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4. Brahmi : Brahmi is a brain superfood thought to sharpen the mind by safeguarding cells and also enhancing chemicals involved in learning and memory. It also acts on the central nervous system, where it increases grasping capacity, eye contact, memory, cognition, and also speech, as well as rectifying emotional, mood, and also personality aberrations in an individual

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5. Shankhpushpi : Shankhapushpi is an ancient treatment for improving brain function. Its potent antioxidants and flavonoids boost an individual’s memory ability, focus, concentration, calmness, and also alertness. Shankhapushpi also improves autistic symptoms such as eye contact, memory, reasoning, problem-solving, and other cognitive abilities because it is a brain tonic and stimulant.

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6. Cocoa : Pure cocoa powder (unsweetened) has brain-boosting components because it contains a high concentration of antioxidant molecules, the most important of which is epicatechin, which has also been shown in studies to enhance cognitive and speech impairment. As a result, cocoa powder is an important brain development feed for the children.

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7. Omega 3 fatty acids : A lack of omega-3 fatty acid consumption might cause speech development delays in children. It can also have an impact on speech quality. These healthy fats are crucial for brain development and also help to manage speech sound disorders and delay in kids. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid, is especially crucial for brain and so also eye development. Furthermore, DHA also has an important function in mental health throughout childhood and so also even into maturity.

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It’s no SECRET that following an Ayurvedic lifestyle has so also numerous advantages. This unique collection of Kids Ayurvedic Brain Booster is also an easy solution to feed daily nutrition for Brain development to kids so also without any fuss. Made with Proven Ingredients. No Preservatives or Artificial Colour or Flavour. No Side Effects. Trusted by 20000+ Parents and Practitioners. To know more about kid’s ayurvedic foods – SHOP HERE.

India’s First Tasty Kids Nutrition fortified with Ayurvedic herbs.

For Speech Delay, Autism, Concentration, Focus, Memory & Eye contact, give Kids & Teens Brain Booster Chocolate/ Savoury Spread | 0% preservatives | 0% refined sugar | 0% palm oil | Fortified with SHANKHAPUSHPI, ASHWAGANDHA, BRAHMI | Contains OMEGA 3, PROTEIN | ORDER |


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