Developmental Benefits of using Sensory Bins

Do you struggle to keep your kids engaged in any activities? Or, Do they lapse into distraction when doing any task? Do you have difficulty managing your child’s excessive energy? Let me now introduce you to the sensory bin’s magic. In addition to being enjoyable to play with, it has several scientifically demonstrated advantages for helping autistic children’s symptoms. For kids with autism, different textures and feelings can be overwhelming. The sensory activities with water, sand, or other items that requires the use of several senses is more enjoyable and uses more of the brain’s neural pathways for development. 

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What are Sensory Bins?

A sensory bin is often a large container or plastic tub loaded with items and things that have been chosen specifically to stimulate the senses. Chopped paper, water beads, water, sand, and a number of other objects can all be used to fill a sensory bin. Sensory bins for toddlers come in a variety of styles, but they are all essentially bins packed with a variety of items that vary in shape, size, colour, texture, and so on, with which toddlers can play, explore, and learn. The fact that it is simple to alter the bins’ contents is a major benefit.

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Children with autism can benefit greatly from sensory bins. These bins offer sensory stimulation as a soothing activity and several chances for learning and exploration. They are fantastic for improving fine motor abilities, learning about new materials, enhancing creative play, encouraging conversation, or even developing those imitation skills. 

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Importance of Sensory Activities:

Activities should constantly be customized to each child’s unique support strategies because children with autism exhibit a variety of different behaviours.

It is advantageous in a number of ways to involve children with autism in sensory activities because it can help in:

  • Stimulating the brain, forming neural connections, and enhancing sensory processing mechanisms
  • Developing interpersonal abilities like cooperation and communication
  • Enhancing coordination and fine/gross motor skills
  • Calming down agitated children
  • Promote independent play or personalized learning, both of which can help children’s academic performance
  • A simple and approachable sensory experience for autistic kids 

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Benefits of Sensory Bin:

1. Fine Motor Development:

Fine motor development includes the growth of muscles like the toes, tongue, and eyes, as well as eye-hand and eye-finger coordination, finger strength, and finger control. Toddlers may find it challenging to hold, move, and handle little objects, but sensory bins allow them an enjoyable method to interact with it and comprehend it better.

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2. Vocabulary and Communication skills:

As your kids work on their creations, new thoughts and ideas emerge, opening up the possibility for new words to describe what they are doing. This helps in improving their vocabulary and verbal communication. This also makes them to comprehend the task that they are doing.

3. Introducing Maths:

Adding objects or measuring spoons provides a great opportunity to talk about numbers and teach children about maths and measurement. When providing a sensory bin of pom poms or beans, you can count and sort them into different containers by numbers, colours, or both.

4. Concentration and attention span improvement:

Sensory bins are a relaxing and peaceful activity that encourages children to sit attentively for extended periods of time. This is excellent for gradually extending a child’s attention span. The kids will remain engaged for a longer period of time the more invested they are in what they are creating. 

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5. Introducing Science concepts:

Science subjects can be introduced in a fun way by using sensory bins. By experimenting with different ingredient combinations or adding water to make it tougher, softer, liquidy, etc., the texture can be altered. 

6. Sensory Exploration:

The main advantage of sensory bins is that the kids can explore and learn about several sensations by using sensory bins. It is a crucial quality to cultivate, and the earlier the child does so, the better. The bins allow children the chance to investigate and comprehend several senses, including touch, seeing various colours, shapes, and textures, hearing their own sounds and tasting, and smelling things.

7. Co-operation and socialization:

Sensory bins can enhance social skills including sharing, cooperating, and communicating when played with others, such as siblings and friends.

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8. Cognitive Development:

Children may learn the alphabet, and their numbers, and get practise with counting and spelling by adding number and letter shapes to a sensory bin. Sensory bins can aid cognitive development by allowing kids to sort hidden things by size or colour. 

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9. Calming Effect:

In order to calm down a child and help them transition from noisy play to some quiet time and relaxation, sensory bins can be a great stress reliever. It turns out that providing children with a few containers with various items inside of them helps them channel all of their internal surplus energy and calm down. 

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