Enjoy the TRADITIONAL foods in winter and forget about Vitamin C & A deficiency

Fresh vegetable produce is abundant during this time of the year. Consumption of these traditionally foods in winter will solve for nearly 80% of Vitamin C and Vitamin A daily requirement. Vitamin C helps build immunity and Vitamin A is required for healthy eyesight.

Foods in winter

Sarson saag (mustard leaves), Potato-spinach, Potato- Methi (fenugreek leaves), Potato-brinjal, Potato-cauliflower, Potato-capsicum, Potato-carrots, Potato-beans, Potato-peas, Cabbage-peas

Vitmain A is fat soluble, which means that for the body to absorb this vitamin from food, it has to be consumed with fat (oil). Hence, cooking carrots, spinach, mustard leaf, fenugreek leaf, peas, beans, capsicum in oil helps to absorb Vitamin A. (how to absorb vitamin A from food?)

Vitamin C food items (Brinjal, Potato, Cauliflower, Cabbage) should be cooked as fast as possible with less heat and water. This Vitamin is heat sensitive. It should ideally be consumed raw or steamed (for least loss of nutrient <10%). Boiling, microwaving results in much higher losses in the range of 30-50%.

Salad is the best way of consuming both these vitamins without damaging it. Tossing carrot, tomato, green leafy veggies, red and green capsicum with a drizzle of oil dressing will retain all the nutritional content.


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