Food ideas for 9 month old babies

How quickly time flies! It might seem like your baby was a newborn only yesterday when you were struggling with all the challenges of new motherhood, staying up all night, feeding continuously, changing diapers and dealing with all the demands of your developing baby. You have done great so far. So what to expect next? Time to introduce some new forms of food to your 9 months baby

What to expect in 9 months?

Your nine month old baby probably has developed her own temperament, attitude, likes and dislikes by now. She is no longer that cuddly baby who would be content to just lie, gaze at you and wait for your tricks to entertain her. She/he is now exploring, experiencing and learning new things every day. Most 9-month-old babies are probably partially weaned off breast milk. Your nine months old baby may not be able to eat everything you can eat, but this doesn’t mean he or she can’t join you for a family meal as is. You just have to keep an eye on the special needs of the child and give the food in the texture or format that the baby can easily swallow and digest.

While planning 9 month old baby food (especially finger food), size is very important. Pieces should be large enough to pick up, but small enough that your baby won’t choke. Try to aim for cubes about a third of an inch in size. This is just a little bit bigger than a standard pea. From 9 to 12 months old, your baby needs approximately 750–900 calories every day. Between 400 and 500 of those calories should come from breast milk or formula milk. The remaining calories will come from food.

Best food for 9 months baby

Cheese is an excellent finger food for babies. It also has the ability to make any dish mouth watering.  From 7 months onward, cheese can be included in the baby’s diet. It is a great source of calcium, protein, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B12. Calcium helps to develop healthy bones; protein contributes to growing healthy muscles, skin and hair. It is high in vitamin B12 which prevents anemia, supports bone health, boosts energy and promotes skin and hairs.  The presence of probiotics in cheese helps in maintaining healthy gut microbiota. Cottage cheese is the safest and healthiest and best food for 9 month baby


Eggs are a rich source of many essential nutrients like protein, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin B12. It is safe for babies to consume an egg in a day. It helps them in all over growth and development. Though both the egg yolk and egg white are rich in nutrients, half of the nutrients found in eggs are in egg white only. Mostly egg yolk is recommended to babies while weaning them on solid foods. It is considered as 9 month old baby food. (Check some more brain foods for kids)


Pear is a nourishing food that can add more nutritional value to your baby’s dietIt is a good source of dietary fiber. It provides essential nutrients as it is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium. Pear contains pectin, a water soluble fiber and sorbitol, a compound that retains water in the large intestine, which helps to prevent constipation and promotes bowel movements by loosening the hard stool. Pear with peel contains polyphenols, a bioactive compound that boosts immunity by combating free radicals. You can start with peeled and cooked puree or mashed ones as baby solid food.


Berries are great source of micronutrients such as magnesium, zinc and vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin B- complex.  Vitamin K in this fruit with support of calcium and magnesium makes it the best fruit for bone development. It also promotes cognitive development in babies. It is the best food for 9 months old baby.


This fruit has amazing health benefits. It contains almost 95% water and thus helps babies to stay hydrated. Watermelon is high in vitamin C which can help in strengthening immunity and in absorption of iron in the baby’s body.  It is also a good source of vitamin A which promotes eye health.  It helps to prevent constipation and helps in digestion as it is the best source of dietary fiber . Watermelon has a good amount of calcium and magnesium which plays a huge role in the development of strong bones in babies. All these qualities makes it best food for 9 months baby. (What are other foods goods for skin?)

Dates and Apricots

Dates are good source of minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc including vitamin A, Vitamin B6, and vitamin K. They are also excellent sources of natural sugar and fiber. All these nutrients help in growth and development.  Apricots are a rich source of beta- carotene, fiber, vitamin C. magnesium, potassium and antioxidants. These nutrients help in brain development and boost immunity among babies. It in best to include them in 9 months old baby food. (What does sugar do to kids bones?)


Nuts are amazing source of fat, iron, protein, and micronutrients like copper, zinc, and vitamin E and B vitamins. full of nutritious values nuts promote brain function and development, boost up immunity levels and build strong bones and muscle strength in infants. They are also rich in fiber and take care of any bouts of constipation and thus helps in digestion too. (How to easily feed nuts and Ayurvedic herbs to kids everyday)


Though cucumber is slightly tasteless, it has a wide range of health benefits for babies. It is full of essential nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, potassium, magnesium and manganese.  Cucumbers are rich in antioxidants and act as a great source of liquid to keep the baby hydrated. If you are not a fan of teething toys, chilled cucumber rings are the right option for teething solutions too. It also helps in digestion and promotes bone strength. It is best food for 9 months baby.


Apple is one of the safest and full of nutritious solid food for babies to start withBabies love its sweet flavour. It is a rich source of both soluble and insoluble fiber thus easily gets digested by babies. As it is full of carbohydrates, it provides energy to the baby to stay active. Apple skin contains quercetin, a type of plant pigment flavonoid that helps to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. It is good food for 9 months baby.  You can introduce apples in puree form to your baby. (Fruits to feed everyday)

Finger millet (Ragi)

Ragi is one of the super foods with numerous health benefits. It is the richest source of calcium and vitamin D. Both of these nutrients are vital for proper development of bones and teeth in babies. Calcium in it easily get absorbed by the body and beneficial for babies during the teething phase. It also prevents malnutrition in babies as it has high protein content. Ragi is loaded with a high level of dietary fiber thus, preventing constipation. Insoluble fiber in it promotes easy digestion of foods in babies. While preparing ragi porridge for babies, dry roast it thoroughly for at least 10 minutes. (Foods to keep the bones of a child strong?)


Tapioca or sabudana is considered as one of the excellent foods for babies to start with. It has numerous health benefits. It is loaded with calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamin K which are key minerals for baby’s bone development. Tapioca also helps to cure digestive ailments including indigestion, bloating and constipation. Starch in it is packed with carbohydrates which provide energy to the baby throughout the day and helps to gain weight. It is also a good source of protein thus aids muscle development by strengthening them. It tops in one of the best baby’s  first food categories.

Adding herbs to baby food

This herb has anti- bacterial and anti fungal properties. It has antioxidants which reduces inflammation. As it has prebiotics properties too, it relieves digestive disorders and may improve gut health. (How to make cinnamon candies for kids?)


It is rich in many important B- complex vitamins. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin and antioxidants like beta-carotene. It is also a great source of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc which are essential for good health. Nutmeg has antibacterial properties that help in maintaining oral health. I


Studies have shown that cumin promotes digestion by increasing pancreatic enzymes production. Cumin also has anti-diarrheal effects. Adding cumin powder in baby’s food can boost up the immature digestive system to break down food easily. It also helps in developing a strong immune system. Cumin has a compound cuminaldehyde which directly kills disease causing bacteria and fungi. It is the best thing to add in your baby’s meal.


Mint is the best herb to add to your baby’s meal. It not only has a good taste but much other nutritional and medicinal value too. It helps in aiding tummy trouble and stomach cramping. Mint is a calming herb that helps to soothe upset stomach or digestive issues. (Summer drinks for kids hydration)


You can introduce turmeric to baby as soon as he starts eating solids. It has some bio-active compounds such as curcumin and curcuminoids that can boost baby’s immune system. It is related with effective pain management . In Ayurveda it is mentioned that turmeric has anti- inflammatory properties and it provides relief in respiratory issues like cough. Consumption of turmeric support digestive health by stimulating bile acid production. Adding small amount of turmeric in purees, soups and dals can benefit over all health. (Easy to feed turmeric balls during cold and flu)

Carom seeds

It has powerful anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. Carom seed extract help to prevent and treat gas and indigestion. It is a common medication used to treat cough in India. You can start giving your baby little bit carom seed water after starting solids.

Ideas for 9 month old baby food:

Introduce cheese as snack.
Give soft cooked eggs as a meal or with rice or other grain.
Corn cooked soft but rice. Can cook corn or other vegetable soft with rice, oats, little millet (samai rice) or finger millet (ragi).
Ayurvedic spread
Introduce nuts in the form of spread. Order Iyurved Daily Nutrition Savoury Spread.
Serve nut spread with bread, or flatbread/ soft roti broken into tiny pieces.
Apply nut spread on fruits like apply, pear, banana, berries cut into tiny pieces.
Serve soft cooked oats with tiny pieces of banana, berries, kiwi, lychee, sapota or grated apple or pear.
Introduce small pieces of watermelon.
Serve soft cooked little millet (samai) or finger millet (ragi) with grated apple or pear or tiny pieces of banana, berries, kiwi, lychee, sapota.
9 months food for baby
Serve yogurt with tiny pieces of banana, berries, kiwi, lychee, sapota or grated apple or pear.
Spreads made of avocado, yogurt+cucumber+herbs, served with soft bread or flatbread/ roti.
Ragi cake recipe by Iyurved
Soft Tiny cake pieces sweetened with dates or fig but no sugar.
Sabudana kheer recipe by Iyurved
Tapioca/ Sabudana porridge/ Kheer boiled with Milk.
Red Sauce pasta recipe by Iyurved
Soft cooked paste served with red capsicum and tomato sauce.
Mung bean and rice porridge, cooked soft with veggies. Replace rice with finger millet or little millet.
  • Improves muscle strength and body weight with high protein (6g protein in 1 serving)
  • Strengthens bones and improves height being rich in calcium
  • Boosts brain due to high omega-3 and natural brain herbs
  • Builds immunity due to presence of antioxidants and proven immunity herbs
  • Increases breast milk supply for lactating moms also provides folic acid for baby development


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