8 Aphrodisiac Foods to Boost Libido in Females

Are you having trouble getting in the mood for intimacy because of your busy lifestyle, eating preferences, and demanding job? Have you waited a year while attempting to conceive yet been unsuccessful? The prevalence of female sexual arousal disorder was determined to be 6.65% in a study. There is a connection between food and the desire for intimacy. Foods with aphrodisiac encourage women’s desire for closeness. Continue reading for tips and foods with aphrodisiac that promote a desire for intimacy.

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Aphrodisiacs are substances such as foods or medications that stimulate the desire, enjoyment, or performance of sexual activity. Foods with aphrodisiac encourage women’s desire for closeness.

Desire for intimacy can be fickle. Your menstrual cycle and the amount of stress you are experiencing at work are just two examples of things that can cause a little alteration. However, in some circumstances, a rapid shift in desire could be a sign of an underlying medical condition.

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Different TYPES of Aphrodisiacs to boost libido:

  • Foods like oysters and dark chocolate
  • Natural supplements infused with substances such as Gokshura, Nutmeg, Garlic, Ashwagandha, Anise and Nagarmotha
  • Herbs such as Sage and Cloves
  • Alcohol and Marijuana are examples of psychoactive drugs.
  • Synthetic chemicals like Phenethylamines and MDMA 


Foods that appeal to the senses such as sight, smell, and taste are having aphrodisiac qualities. Such substances are supposed to help people feel more sexually stimulated by awakening the senses. They also help to boost estrogen levels in females, increase blood supply to the sexual organs and help in boosting the mood. Rare and exotic ingredients and spices are some of the foods with aphrodisiac properties.


1. Exercise:

Aerobic exercise and weight training can help you gain more endurance, a better perception of your physique, enhance your mood, and raise your desire.

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2. Communication with a partner:

Open, honest communication between partners usually results in stronger emotional bonds that can improve sexual performance. Speaking openly about intimacy is also crucial. Discussing your preferences might create a more intimate sexual environment.

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3. Stress less:

Increase your desire for intimacy by finding a more effective approach to dealing with daily problems, financial stress, and work-related stress.

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4. Prioritise intimacy:

Putting intimacy marked on your calendar could come out as awkward and uninteresting. However, prioritising intimacy can aid in reviving your desire for intimacy.

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5. Spice it up:

Try experimenting with a different sex location, time of day, or a sexual position. Encourage more foreplay time from your partner. Sex toys and fantasy might help revive your sexual desire if you and your partner are willing to try new things.

6. Quit bad habits:

Smoking, using illegal drugs, and drinking too much can lower your sexual ability. Giving up these unhealthy habits could boost your sex desire and enhance your overall health.

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There is a connection between food and the desire for intimacy. Foods with aphrodisiac encourage women’s desire for closeness. Foods with aphrodisiac include:

1. Gokshura:

Gokshura is a little leafy plant which belongs to the caltrop family. Different cultures have utilised gokshura powder as a food with aphrodisiac for centuries. Additionally, it encourages egg production in ovaries. Women who struggle with infertility and desire to start a family can take Gokshura. In addition, it can also raise libido in both men and women.

2. Nutmeg:

Milk and a sprinkle of nutmeg were always a traditional remedy to increase sexual drive. This spice is also said to help soothe the nervous system and enhance blood flow to the sexual organs by Ayurveda. Because of this, it has been referred to as “women’s viagra.”

3. Garlic:

Garlic may improve sexual function by boosting blood flow and enhancing fertility, according to several human and animal experiments. Crush or chop the garlic before using, and allow it to settle for at least 10 minutes prior cooking. This raises the amount of allicin, a substance that is responsible for many of the health advantages, in it.

4. Ashwagandha:

Due to its potent influence on sexual desire, ashwagandha, or the “love drug,” has long been utilised as a natural sexual stimulant. According to research, both men and women who take Ashwagandha report feeling more lubricated, satisfied, and virilized.

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5. Anise:

Ancient Greeks and Romans, who also called aniseed as anise, thought that suckling on the seeds of anise may boost love. The female hormone boosting substances found in aniseed, known as estrogenic substances, have effects analogous to those of testosterone.

6. Nagarmotha:

The herb Nagarmotha (Cyperus roundus), also known as Mustak or Nutgrass, is very well-liked in Ayurveda because of its multiple therapeutic benefits. Estrogen, often known as the female sex hormone, is crucial for female sexual and reproductive development. Nagarmotha often aids women to enhance estrogen and reduces mood swings, tension, and indirectly increases desire for intimacy.

7. Nuts: 

Nuts like pistachios, hazelnuts, Walnuts, Almonds, Cashews and Peanuts are excellent for increasing desire in females. They contain the amino acid L-arginine, which has been shown to increase blood flow to the sex organs and nitric oxide levels, so naturally enhancing the body’s desire for sex.

8. Seeds:

Seeds are wonderful libido boosters for females. Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are abundant in pumpkin seeds, melon seeds and sunflower seeds serve as a precursor to prostaglandins, hormone-like compounds vital to sexual health. A mere quarter-cup serving could be enough to ignite the flames. Zinc is a mineral found in abundance in these seeds, which can help with sexuality.

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