Tips for Eye Care in Kids

The Eye is the lamp of the body, so if the eye is healthy your whole body will be full of light. Eye is the busiest organ as it starts working from the moment you wake up till the moment you close your eyes. Any information that your brain receives is initially processed through your vision. With a sharp drop in physical movement (outdoor activities), and increased screen time due to online classes and pleasure viewing, leads to many health-related concerns especially affecting eyesight. It is the responsibility of parents to take measures for their eye care. Read on to know simple tips and foods helping in children’s eye care.

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Simple tips for eye care in children

1. Give rest to eyes:

Every 30 to 40 minutes, your child should take a break from writing, reading, or playing video games on a computer or smartphone. Children’s daily screen time should be decreased and the distance between the gadget/screen and the eye should be more.

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2. Sun protection:

It is important to protect your child’s eye from UV radiation from sunlight. You can invest in good sun protection glasses or hats or umbrellas for the eye care of children.

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3. Avoid giving harsh and pokey toys:

If the children are playing with sharp or hard objects, they may accidentally hit the eye with the toy. Hence make sure that your child is playing with the safe toys and objects.

4. Don’t use any eye makeup for your kid:

Market-available eye cosmetic products like kajal and eyeshadow frequently include a lot of chemicals in them. Therefore, avoid any cosmetics for your child’s eye.

5. Balanced and nutritious diet:

For good vision of the children, their diet should include iron rich green leafy vegetables and beta carotene containing foods such as yellow and orange fruits and vegetables (papaya, pumpkin, mango, carrot etc).

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6. Stop your child from repeatedly rubbing their eyes:

When children experience eye irritation, they frequently wipe their eyes to soothe them. If there is any foreign substance in the eye, pressing it against the eyeball or using unclean hands to rub it will be dangerous. Teach your child to avoid doing this and to properly clean their hands and to use water to clean the eye.

7. Healthy eye care habits: 

Taking proper and adequate sleep in the night, proper lighting in the reading room, keeping a distance of 30-40cm between kid’s eye and books and about 50cm from electronic gadgets are some of the healthy eye care habits to be followed.

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8. Engaging in more outdoor activities: 

Researchers have found that involving more in outdoor activities such as swimming and cycling can reduce the risk of myopia (a common eyesight issue where objects close to you can be seen clearly, while those farther away appear hazy).

9. Eye protection:

While engaging in activities such as sports or handling the chemicals, make sure that they use eye protection glasses.

10. Exercise: 

Doing regular exercises has been demonstrated to lower the risk of acquiring diabetes, a condition that can cause blindness, as well as a number of eye conditions.


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