French Paradox- Forever Young With Wine & Cheese

Wine and cheese are key to any French diet. Despite consumption of moderately high amount of both, French appear to be healthy and young. The answer to this is hidden in the type of cheese and wine they prefer.

Red wine is found to be the richest source of resveratrol through the skins, seeds, and stems of the grapes that are used. We cant say this Is true for White wine. The reason is that the grape skins are not fermented during white wine production, whereas they are fermented for the red wine production.

Resveratrol is a multipurpose compound believed to be effective in improving health and preventing or treating chronic diseases. As per a study, surprisingly too!, resveratrol is better received by the body through wine and other natural grape products than supplements. It is also present in peanuts, soy beans, and pomegranates in high concentrations. And that makes me wonder about the traditional Chinese/ Japanese staple ingredient- tofu and peanut sauce along with fermented pickles.

Gruyere cheese
Red wine

The next loved food item on the French platter is cheese. French use cow’s milk to prepare their most admired collection of cheese- Gouda, Swiss, and Gruyere. There are traces of Vitamin K in cow’s milk. However, after fermentation, an advanced nutrient called K2 is produced by bacterias. It is believed that this nutrient is most important for our teeth and stronger bones. The longer cheese ferments, the more nutritious it becomes.

It isn’t any paradox, is it?

Fermented foods are popular because of the good bacterias it carries which support gut health with unique prebiotics (food for bacteria) and probiotics (bacterias).

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