Banana Stem Paratha

Serving complete nutrition of the day in just a single dish makes it so easy and achievable. The tough vitamins to get covered are mostly Vitamin Bs. Vitamin Bs are crucial to give us energy, keep our cells healthy (including of the brain). This dish covers all Vitamin Bs (except B12) and most of the Minerals.

  • Banana stem is extremely high in Vitamin B6, which keeps haemoglobin high, gives ample energy and helps kids fight weakness, fatigue and crankiness. Lower haemoglobin results in lower cognition in kids and this can carry on till later in life.
  • Banana stem is 60% fibre, which is a god-sent solution to improper digestion.
  • Broad beans (Sem) is a Brain food. It is exceptionally high in Vitamin B9 (Folic). Combined with Whole wheat flour, this dish serves 40% daily nutrition required for Brain Development.
  • Manganese present in the Broad Beans and Whole wheat flour crosses 100% daily nutrition for stronger bones.

(Nutrition estimate is based on 3 parathas)

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