How can I get omega-3: benefits of omega 3

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that are required for normal body functions, from muscle activity to cell growth. As our body does not produce them in sufficient amounts, it becomes vital to consume them as a part of our daily diet. lets discus some benefits of omega 3. (Why omega 3 is essential for kids?)

there are many health benefits of Omega 3. It helps in brain development, better eyesight, glowing skin, fight depression and fight inflammation and many more. Some research has also shown that omega 3 fatty acids help in managing behavioral and psychological conditions in kids because of their role in neurotransmitter function.

An adult needs minimum 250-500mg of Omega-3 daily. Meeting the daily body requirement of Omega-3 can be convenient with these foods.

foods rich in omega 3
Walnut: benefits of omega 3

7 full walnuts: 2570mg Omega-3. They are also high in calcium, magnesium, manganese, and antioxidants. Vitamin B, Omega3 and magnesium in walnuts contribute towards a healthier nervous system, and keeping the stress levels and irritability low. (why to add nuts in your daily diet?)

Flaxseeds: benefits of omega 3

1 tablespoon: 2350mg of Omega-3. it is also rich in protein and fiber which aids in digestion and weight management. ( how to fight with obesity?)


It is the main and the richest dietary source of omega 3 fatty acids. Fish mainly provides DHA and EPA fatty acids. Some fishes that are high in omega 3 fatty acids are: salmon (2260mg in one ounce), mackerel (4107mg per piece) and sardines (2205mg per cup).This is one of the best source of omega 3 for kids. In supplements, cod liver oil is the best omega fish oil capsules available in the market, but it is always advisable to use dietary sources. (Most essential herbs to consume everyday?)

A combination of these can also be taken if you want to avoid the high calories of walnuts.

Bottom line is that, consuming Omega-3 through food in our daily routine is quite simple. Not just that, the nuts or seed come with many additional benefits like protein, fiber and most of B-Vitamins. which contribute towards our daily requirement.


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