How Does Age Affect Fertility in Women?

The ability to have children naturally is known as fertility. It is not a simple process to conceive. To become pregnant, a woman must pass through a number of steps. In general, a woman’s age and fertility in women are associated. Continue reading to know pro’s and con’s of becoming a mother in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s…

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Women’s age and fertility in women are related. As your biological clock continues to run out, getting pregnant is more difficult than it was when you were younger. As you become older, getting pregnant can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Even after age 35, women can have healthy pregnancies. It is better that you begin preparing early if you want to have more than two children.

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Experts agree that 20’s is the ideal time to get pregnant because your biological potential is at its peak. According to some theories, a woman’s fertility peaks at age 24. Women in their 20s have eggs that are less likely to have genetic flaws, which can result in birth problems.

Miscarriages and other gynaecological issues including fibroids and cysts are less likely.

Mothers have a smoother process giving birth because they are stronger, healthier, and younger, and they are less likely to have disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes, and other conditions.

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There are some drawbacks as well. You might want to enjoy your freedom and you may not be ready to have children. You may want to explore and enjoy life with your partner for a while. Having a kid might be a little daunting, and you might feel that it’s too soon or that you’re too young to handle the responsibilities.

You and your partner might not have the financial stability needed to raise a child. Your career (which can take more energy and time) could be affected, and your infant will need a lot of care and assistance from his parents, which could result in an early responsibility burden.

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Having a baby now is financially advantageous because you and your spouse are financially free in your own careers and may be able to provide for your child properly.

You have plenty of energy and the stamina to endure the labour pangs. You have had a wonderful time in your 20s and now want to start a family.

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Pregnancy after the age of 35 may raise the chance that the unborn child will have abnormalities like Down’s Syndrome. It could take you up to a year to get pregnant if you are over 35 because this is when fertility rates start to decline considerably. In your 30s, your chance of miscarriage will increase.

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You enjoy financial stability and a successful career. As a parent, you can be more at ease, self-assured, and financially secure.


It becomes quite challenging to get pregnant naturally. Your eggs’ quality significantly declines, raising your baby’s risk of birth abnormalities.

You are more likely to experience health issues such gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, placental issues, etc. Older women are more likely to experience stillbirth than younger women. You might feel less energetic around 40, and having a baby is a lot of effort!

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  • As you become older, your chances of having twins or multiples rise. Experts claim that women over the age of 35 secrete more of the hormone FSH than their female peers do.
  • This hormone can make more than one egg come out at once during a cycle, and when those eggs are fertilised by sperm, they can grow into twins or multiples.
  • In conclusion, the best time for you to start a family should only be decided by you and your partner. When making preparations for a baby, it’s crucial to think about your emotional, physical, and financial readiness.

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