How to Store your food right to get the Vitamin B2?

Vitamin B2 is responsible to keep high levels of energy in the child by producing more red blood cells. It also supports healthy eyes and better digestion.

Dairy products, Green leafy vegetables, Soy products, Mushroom, Almond and Whole-grains are some great sources of Vitamin B2 commonly found around us.

Food Items% Daily Requirement for kids (~1mg)
Milk 1 glass45%
Almonds 1035%
Yogurt 1 cup35%
Mushroom 4 pieces35%
Spinach ½ cooked25%
Just a combination of these food items can help meet 100% daily requirement of Vitamin B2
  • Food items high in Vitamin B2 must be stored in a dark place, preferably in opaque containers.
  • Vitamin B2 depletes due to exposure to lightwonder why the milkman use to deliver milk in those huge opaque containers unlike glass bottles now.
  • Unlike other Vitamins, this Vitamin can be cooked at higher temperatures without much loss.
  • Being a water soluble Vitamin, it is best to not boil or soak food items high in this Vitamin as it may evaporate or drain out.
  • This Vitamin should be consumed everyday, since it cannot be stored in the body and any additional intake gets flushed from the body
  • Body needs Vitamin B2 to activate other vitamins (Vitamin B6, B9) and minerals (Iron), which are responsible for brain development and immunity.

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