Indian Food Tradition: Authored by Deepti Oberoi(New Delhi)

We speak to lots of parents, grandparents and great-grandparents about the Indian food tradition and some stories are simply nostalgic. All stories are special for us. They are raw, unfiltered, peculiarly nostalgic, and explain the contrast between traditional lifestyle/eating patterns and modern-day lifestyle/eating patterns in the most basic yet beautiful way. If you are a parent and this story took you down the memory lane, share with your friends and family.

I am deepti, from Dehradun and now live in New Delhi with my family. Born and brought up in Dehradun in a Vegetarian Punjabi family. Punjabis are world famous for their cuisine like breads (Parantha with butter or Ghee, Butter Naan, Lachcha Parantha, Makki ki roti and many more), Non – Vegetarian food (Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken etc.) and Vegetarian food(Makhni Dal, Sarson ka Saag etc.).

Grew up in a middle class family of six members Mummy, Papa , 2 elder sisters, me and my younger brother and being a part of Punjabi family we are foodie kids but totally depend on home made food means “Mummy ke haathon ka bana ghar ka sada khaana”. My father never allowed us to eat any food(main course) from outside. I remember in my childhood visiting a hotel or any restaurant to fulfil your hunger with outside food not in trend like today.

On daily basis in morning breakfast my mother use to cook delicious parantha(kabhi aloo ka, kabhi gobbi ka, kabhi paneer ka) With a cup of milk, In lunch sabji with plain parantha and in evening a cup of tea with aate wale biscuits and in last meal of the day means dinner we ate Daal n Chawal with salad. Sundays were a treat for all of us 4 kids because on alternate Sunday Mummy used to make Rajma chawal, Chole Bhutre, Aloo puri, Chole Chawal with any sweet dish like Suji ka halwa, ice cream, custard etc. As Sundays were our outing day at that time we ate snacks like aloo tikki, chaat papdi, dahi bhalle chaat, gol gappe, samosa, jalebi once in a week. Especially in winters Mummy made Aate ka halwa in desi ghee for all of us late at night . While we were studying in our room, Mummy came in our room with the tray to serve us garma garam Halwa with a cup of coffee.

“ Wo Bhi Kya Din The Jab Ghar Ka Khaana & Light Snacks Hi Achche Lagte The”

But nowadays the scenario is totally different in each and every way, especially food habits. I am a mother of 2 daughters. My elder daughter is a teenager and my younger one is 11 years old. My both daughters and even my husband love to eat junk food like pasta, pizza, momos, Maggie, Fries etc. on a daily basis as snacks in the evening. They are eating homemade food just as a routine or requirement of fulfilment of their stomach nothing else but eating junk food is like a treat for them. Now junk food is a part of our life but being a mother I always give my best to boost them with healthy food.

With my Mother
My husband and kids
Indian food tradition

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