Indian Food Tradition: By Surabhi Srivastava -Ghaziabad

We speak to lots of parents, grandparents and great-grandparents about the Indian food tradition and some stories are simply nostalgic. All stories are special for us. They are raw, unfiltered, peculiarly nostalgic, and explain the contrast between traditional lifestyle/eating patterns and modern-day lifestyle/eating patterns in the most basic yet beautiful way. If you are a parent and this story took you down the memory lane, share with your friends and family.

Hi,  I am Surabhi, basically from Kanpur U.P. , Kanpur has always been famous for its  tasty foods and like Thaggu ke laadu, Badnaam kulfi and Baba biryani etc. and the same Indian food tradition has been followed in our house as well, like we live to eat and eat to live 😅😅

I had spent my childhood in a joint family and there were 11 members in the family including Mummy, Papa, my Siblings, Grandparents, Uncle, Aunties and cousins, even neighbors are like family members. Everyday was like a party, not like today’s culture of nuclear families, people don’t even know their immediate neighbors. 

There has been a set and disciplined pattern of  food. Although it was full of variety including Dal, Chawal, Green veggies, Stuff paratha, roti on regular days and on special occasions or on sundays menu includes special things like Chicken curry, Biryani, Paneer, Chola and a lot more. On most of the Sundays papa bring Jalebi, samosa and kachori for the breakfast. Even today when I go to my parents house, that breakfast treat is must 😅. Just like everybody’s mother, my mother is also a great cook, can’t find that taste in anybody’s hand especially those Dal ke phare.  Really miss those days.

There was a strict timing for every meal in our family and we were not allowed to skip our meals, like breakfast at 10, lunch between 1-2, evening tea and snacks at 5 and dinner by 9. 

Now with change in times, not only our food culture changed drastically but our way of raising our kids has changed a lot. Kids are becoming more fussy and difficult to handle, especially when it comes to nutrition as they are more prone to junk food. I am a mother of a 13 year old girl and still struggling to make disciplined and healthy eating habits. In my childhood ,we never went outside to have lunch or dinner casually, only on special occasions once or twice in a year, but nowadays not only children but even we parents also want to go out during weekends.

At last I just wanted to say that it is very important to make your kids aware of what they are eating and encourage them to have a healthy lifestyle.

With my Brother, Mother and Father
Indian food tradition

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