Kids can meet 100% Vitamin-C with just ONE food Item

Oranges are the best source of Vitamin-C that kids love to eat. Just one orange can meet 100% vitamin C requirement for the kids daily nutrition. Kids should consume the whole fruit and not the juice. The pith (white after between peel and fruit) of orange has 30% fibre of the fruit and this particular fibre (called pectin) is good for kid’s gut which builds immunity and supports digestion.

Our body does not produce Vitamin C and hence it becomes necessary to consume it through food.

  • Kids should consume sufficient amount of Vitamin C during growing years to support development of bones and teeth
  • Vitamin C helps heal the wound of a child whenever he/she falls
  • It also aids in developing communication system of the child- speaking, swallowing, walking, learning
  • Vitamin C keeps the immunity of the child high and safeguards from unwanted bugs and germs
  • Lastly, it also helps to absorb Iron. A child deficient in iron will have lower energy and be irritable.

Don’t worry if kids take more Vitamin C in a day than required. Vitamin C is water soluble. Whatever extra Vitamin-C is in the body will be released through urine.

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