Dear Mumma! It’s the food format, not the food!!!

We understand that it’s not making Healthy food as big a challenge as feeding food to kids!

In a perfect scenario, a mother would want her child to pick up the veggies, fruits and nuts on a daily basis. But seems like most mothers are far away from the ideal situation. Forget kids, even adults fuss over eating certain fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, what we can’t forget is that every fruit and vegetable we avoid, we also risk the deficiency of its micro and macro-nutrients, which are extremely essential for active growth and life long functioning of the body.

Kids who don’t eat well in early years end up having problems with digestion, weaker bones, delayed growth, weak vision, dull skin and hair. In the long run, these early concerns mature and take form of osteoporosis, diabetes, depression, grey hair, baldness, early aging, obesity etc. Hence it’s utmost important to teach kids to consume variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and other natural foods. The next big achievement of course will be when kids not only love to eat them and but also demand them.

It is observed that it’s not the food that makes a child fussy but the food format. If a child is given food in his/her favourite format in their early years, then they learn to eventually pick up and enjoy those vegetables, fruits and nuts without much fuss. For example, if a child loves fries, then baking sweet potato or carrot fries with favourite seasoning is a no brainer.

Another example would be a wrap made of whole wheat flour or flour mixed with spinach purée or beetroot purée. Replace tomato ketchup with nut spread or hummus (as ketchup sugar counters calcium absorption in the body). Stuff the wrap with cheese, greens, grated carrot and avocado and fold it in a convenient easy to hold format.

  • Recipe:
  • Scrub and wash the sweet potato or red skinned potato. Leave skin on (skin is loaded with antioxidants and fibre).
  • Cut sweet potato or red skinned potato in wedges form.
  • Rub and toss them in 1 tsp oil (or more)
  • Sprinkle some salt. Good to use Epsom salt (why?)
  • Spread them out on baking sheet on tray.
  • Place on middle rack.
  • Preheat oven for 5 min at 200 Celsius and Bake for 25-30 min.
  • Sprinkle any seasoning on top and serve.
  • KIDS LOVE IT! So make extra 🙂

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