Kids Will Never Say NO To This Antioxidant

It’s tough to feed Kids (and ourselves too!) the required nutrition for the day. However, when it comes packed in goodness, it simply fits in the routine.

Hazelnut Dark Chocolate

  • Dry roast hazelnuts
  • Melt sugar-free dark chocolate chips
  • Mix dark chocolate chips with coconut oil (MCT coconut oil is best)
  • Add Honey to the mixture as much required
  • Dip hazelnuts in the mixture
  • Place on a plate and let them harden in the fridge

Hazelnut has selenium which a powerful antioxidant.

Read more on Selenium

MCT Oil Is a great source of energy for the body and brain (should be taken in small quantity only). Most fat from our food gets broken down into triglycerides- Long, Medium, Small chain triglycerides. MCT is basically medium chain triglycerides which are easily absorbed and digested by the body because of their shorter length and hence preferred to be consumed.

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