OMG! See What Happened To This Apple After Applying Antioxidant To It

Antioxidants are substances which save living organisms from oxidising or reaction with oxygen or aging. In simple words, when any object oxidises, it is becoming bad, over ripe, aging, reducing in nutrients. Take for example apple which when cut turns brown. It is oxidising! ( Some antioxidant in food)

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Below is a quick experiment to show how an antioxidant can save a living organism from oxidising…aging. One sample of Apple has an Antioxidant spray (lemon juice is a naturally occurring antioxidant food) and the other does not. More than the loss of nutrients, Kids wont like the look of a Fruit turned brown.

With Antioxidant spray
Without antioxidant spray

So, next time you pack apple, just rub some lemon on them and keep away from turning brown.


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