Health Benefits of Peanut: A source of over 30 Vitamins and Nutrients

There are many health benefits of peanut for kids. Survey of 150 parents reflected on the top concerns they had for their kids. Some of the concerns, mentioned below, can be improved with the consumption of just a single nut- Peanut! Consuming 15-30 peanuts for kids aged 3 to 15 years is enough to aid daily nutrition.

WHATSAPP for concerns like Speech Delay, Low Weight, Frequent Illness, Hyperactivity, Low Concentration, Weak Eyesight, Improper Sleep, Pigmentation, Pores, Face Marks, Fine Lines , Lactation etc.

Benefits of peanuts for health:

Peanuts has various benefits. Here are some benefits of peanuts for health:

health benefits of peanut
peanuts health benefits

Strengthening Muscles:

Peanut is high in Protein which is vital for growing kids. As we know, protein is key to building tissues required by every organ of the body, repair and maintain body cells, hormones and supply energy.

Stronger Bones:

Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, Phosphorous and Protein together work on making the bones strong. Osteoporosis is a common bone disease that begins early in life and manifests in adulthood.

Improved Digestion:

Handful of peanuts can meet 15% of fibre and 25% of Vitamin B3 requirement for the day, both of which help in improving digestion.

health benefits of peanut
peanuts health benefits


Peanuts have saturated fat that stay inside the body cells to build a defence system and attack viruses and bacterias.


Being a nut high in Vitamin E, they help to protect the eyes from degeneration and keep the eye cells young and active.

Brain Development:

Peanuts health benefits are that they carry essential fats and Vitamin B9 for the brain and also memory. In addition, Brain, that is just 2% of our body mass but consumes 25% energy of the body, needs fat to perform efficiently for life and maintain cognitive ability.

High Energy:

Another peanuts health benefits is that it contains high amount of Vitamin B2 and B3 which plays a vital role in maintaining the body’s energy supply.

Moreover, an interesting study on peanut revealed that between two groups of kids under age five, peanut allergy developed in 1.9% of children who ate peanut butter early in their lives, compared with 13.7% of those who didn’t eat peanuts at an early age. For example, one explanation for this difference is that the children who ate peanuts early developed what is called immune tolerance to them. Their young immune systems adapted to the proteins in peanuts so that they did not react to them.

Recipe for Chocolate Peanut Balls:

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  • Recipe video on the left
  • Ingredients: Peanut butter or Iyurved’s 5 herbs and 7 nuts savoury spread (order here), honey, coconut flour or almond flour/ meal, pinch salt, melted dark chocolate, sea salt (optional)

Taste the sweetness of the mixture before making balls and dipping them in chocolate.


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