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Have you ever wondered how BUSY your digestive system is? Well, a lot happens there. When you eat something, the food goes on a roller coaster ride which starts from chewing and ends with you going to the bathroom(Basically the digestion process). Do you know what plays a major role here? Your GUT!

Does your child rush to the bathroom after eating? Or Is he/she a frequent potty goer? Or Do you also feel that food sometimes just slips from their body?

All these are the signs of an unhealthy GUT. Child’s gut is not only responsible for the digestive health but also for the child’s overall health. It is connected to the child’s immune system, mood, mental health and body functioning. In fact, What we eat determines how well our digestion works. Probiotics, prebiotics and fibre rich food for good digestion should be included in the diet from the beginning.

If you want to set your child up for a lifetime of good health, it is essential to flourish the child’s digestive system with healthy bacteria. Let’s learn how!

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There are many factors that affect kids’ gut health such as eating too much processed and high sugar food, stress, too little sleep and taking excessive antibiotics. All of these lead to damage to kids’ gut health which results in many health issues. Here are some common problems that may occur due to unhealthy gut, namely:


  • Introducing small meals
  • Chewing food slowly and carefully
  • Intake of plenty of water to cleanse child’s digestive system
  • Enough sleep helps to rejuvenate the child’s digestive system
  • Reduced processed foods
  • Add Prebiotic Fiber in the Diet

Here is the simplest way to get your kids these prebiotic fibres. Family PREBIOTIC GUT DRINKS! Incorporating this in their daily diet will help reduce frequent stool (associated with weak digestion), constipation, diarrhoea, gas, bloating and stomach pain. 2 serving of PREBIOTIC GUT DRINKS will help to meet 30% RDA of Prebiotic Dietary Fiber

Gut and Digestion - Iyurved

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Gut and Digestion Iyurved. RDA fiber rich foods.


According to study, changes in the gut microbiota might occur within 2-3 weeks after changing food pattern and adding prebiotic fibres. Prebiotic dietary fibre also helps to increase the amount of healthy bacteria, which in turn helps to alleviate concerns about the same. People in some studies said it improved their quality of life.


The reaction of frequent potty is called the Gastrocolic Reflex. This is the normal reaction in the body whose intensity may vary. This reflex is generated when food hits your stomach. Once this happens it releases a hormone which signals your body to move food through the colon and then out of the body. This response affects some people more frequently and intensely than others.

Gut is made up of good bacteria and the bad bacteria generates as a result of our lifestyle, medication and food habits. When there is imbalance in this gut bacteria (gut dysbiosis) i.e., bad bacteria overpower good bacteria, then these concerns of frequent stools along with other digestive and overall develops.


A lot of studies and research has stated that an unhealthy gut or certain digestive disorder may speed up the movement of food through the colon. This can be minimized with the use of prebiotic-rich foods, which have been shown to impact the makeup of beneficial gut bacteria (Probiotics).

Probiotics are responsible for keeping the bad bacteria in check. In addition, it helps in slowing down the bowel movements and reducing the gas production by balancing gut flora.


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Gut and Digestion Iyurved


Some parents have been kind enough to share their journey with us. Let’s hear them to closely understand the benefits of Ayurvedic spreads by Iyurved.

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