Some Easy Probiotics in foods

Probiotics in foods are live bacteria (naturally occurring in food) that are good for you…your Digestion…your GUT! . Whenever you get an infection, it is a sign that bad bacteria are affecting your system out of balance. At this point of time good bacteria helps in eliminating those bad ones and maintaining the balance of good bacteria again. Probiotics are the best way to flourish good bacteria in your body

Food habits, Lifestyle, Antibiotics, all together impact the Gut health of your body. When you lose “good”bacteria in your body, for example after you take antibiotics, probiotics can help replace them.


All these food products have bacterias in them that helps our digestion, immunity, and also increase the presence of more good bacterias in the Gut. It is advisable to go pro-biotic heavy especially after falling sick or taking medicines. Good bacterias lost during infection or otherwise can be recovered by eating food rich in prebiotic and probiotics.

Fermented foods are the most natural source of live bacterias- Probiotics. There is no recommended daily intake for probiotics, so there is no way to know exactly what quantity is best. Therefore, add as many fermented foods to your daily diet as possible.

What is a Pre-biotic?

Kefir is a fermented milk drink similar to a thin yogurt that is made from kefir grains, which are high in bacterias. The process of making is similar to yogurt, but the fermentation process in Kefir is for 24 hours. The result is not a sour curd rather a tasty one. You can also load it up with nuts, seeds and berries to make a shake high in antioxidant, probiotics and prebiotics.

Yogurt has much lower bacterias (less than 5) as compared to Kefir (over 50).

Ingredients: kefir, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, cherry, goji Berry, currant berry, chia, flax, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, frozen mango, soy milk

Try Sunflower seeds for that awesome skin!


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