8 proven benefits from vitamin c

benefits from vitamin c

Well, where do we even begin when it comes to vitamin C? It has captivated the entire cosmetic industry because of its potential benefits.  Vitamin C is legendary in the skin care world and is known as the powerhouse. Vitamin C, on the other hand, is the holy grail (for a good reason) for many skin-related issues. The benefits from vitamin C are massive!

Vitamin C has been recognized as one of the most effective anti-oxidant (Foods with anti-oxidants) ingredients on the market. Vitamin C products have gradually found their way onto markets around the world, with claims ranging from delaying the ageing (How sugar affects ageing process) process to making your skin glow (Foods for glowing skin). But what exactly is vitamin C and what are the benefits from vitamin C that you get?

Vitamin C is the water-soluble antioxidant which helps in protecting and improving our skin and body in numerous ways. In scientific terms, it is also called Ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid. It is required for the body’s overall growth and repair of tissues. Let’s get aware of the benefits from vitamin c to your skin!

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Benefits from Vitamin C:

Usually, Vitamin C has a high level of safety (NIH). A lot of people use it on a daily basis for quite a long time without experiencing any contrary reactions.

1.Fights free radicals:

Free radicals are produced due to various environmental aggressors such as sunlight, pollution and stress. Over a period of time, they tend to damage the skin tissue which provides strength and elasticity to the skin. Also, they hamper the cell functioning, moisture barriers capacity and the skin colour and texture. Vitamin C fights these free radicals and protects the skin.

2. Skin hydration:

The derivatives of vitamin C and vitamin C of course exhibit skin hydrating properties (NIH). They show to prevent moisture loss and lock the moisture from the skin thus, decreasing the trans epidermal moisture loss. This in turn helps in making the skin healthy, soft and smooth.

3. Boost collagen production:

Collagen (Natural Collagen sources) is a protein which is found in the body and is responsible for skin’s structure, elasticity, texture and quality. As we age collagen starts to deplete. Lower level of collagen in the body leads to skin fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Vitamin C, on the other hand, is known for boosting collagen production (NIH). Moreover, it also assists the production of elastin. This helps in keeping the skin firm, youthful, smooth and reduces aging.

4. Skin Brightening:

Vitamin C is majorly known for its skin brightening properties. Consistent applications help in improving the dull skin and making it bright.  They add extra luminance to the present complexions and make you look young and fresh. 

5. Reduces dark circles:

One of the benefits from vitamin C is that it aids in reduction of dark circles (Home remedies). Studies have shown that it helps in reducing the darkness by strengthening delicate under eye skin. It’s antioxidant properties make skin more resilient and conceal the blood vessels beneath the skin.

6. Boost wound healing:

According to the studies in NIH, vitamin C reduces the risk related to inflammation, infection and scarring. It has seen that it helps to speed up overall wound healing.

7. Reduces hyperpigmentation:

The antioxidant properties of vitamin C play a significant role in the fight against dark spots. It is also in charge of giving you a more even skin tone. Furthermore, vitamin C inhibits melanin production, preventing hyperpigmentation.

8. Act as sun damage shield:

According to a few studies, vitamin C can help to protect the skin from UV damage caused by the sun. It helps by mitigating the damage. Furthermore, it hastens cell turnover and replaces damaged cells with new ones.

How do you apply vitamin C to your face?

Although vitamin C is generally accepted by all skin types, a patch test is required before usage to identify allergies or danger. Here’s how to get started:

  • Cleans your face well and pat dry.
  • Apply a small amount of vitamin c with the help of the dropper to the affected area
  • Massage gently (in the circular of upward direction)
  • Leave it to fully absorb by the skin
  • Lastly, apply sunscreen
benefits from vitamin c
Transformation: Before and after benefits from Vitamin C

Read the label properly before use. Make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients mentioned. Daily once or twice application will show effects. As vitamin c is prone to oxidation, the colour might change due to oxidation. But still it is safe to use when used before the use by date. 


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