That fibrous OMEGA-3 Pizza- Kid’s approved!

A home baked pizza with a whole grain base can be a much nutritious breakfast than a bowl of cereal.

Rather a slice of Pizza can be made much healthier for kids’ breakfast than having cornflakes in the morning. Using the right combination of flour and seeds will add up to the required nutrition for the day.

For the pizza above, I used Teff (African grain or use Jowar), Ragi, Singhada, Wholewheat, Potato starch or boiled potato or boiled sweet potato (to add softness) and Psyllium husk to bind the dough together. Follow the normal recipe of making the dough by replacing all purpose flour with the combination of flours used in equal proportions. Add 2 Table spoons of Flaxseed powder to the dough. If you don’t have flaxseed then add psyllium husk. If your recipe calls for oil, use cold pressed seed/nut oil (coconut or sesame) to enhance nutrition even more. There is no oil mandatory in this recipe. Add ½ tsp salt and oregano powder for flavour. Leave the light to rise for 2-3 hours. These are not refined flours so will take more time to rise. Once risen, roll or press with your hand to make pizza base (use lots of flour to do that if it sticks to surface). Apply pizza sauce, cheese and veggies if you like. Bake for 10-15 min at 220 Celsius (depends on how crispy you want the pizza).
You can also add nutritional yeast while making the dough to enhance nutrition and cheesy flavour.

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