The Impact of Technology on Developing Brain

Is your child addicted to technology such as smartphones and tablets? Do you frequently catch kids viewing videos or scrolling through screens indefinitely? With technology being everywhere nowadays, it is critical to manage its impact on young minds/developing brain. Stay tuned to find out how to achieve this!

Why do developing brain require extra attention?

Young brains continue to develop well into their twenties. Their early experiences shape their development. Young minds are easily influenced. This adaptability permits them to learn while also leaving them susceptible. Experiences, good or unpleasant, are imprinted on developing brain.

positive effects of technology include:

Learning can be aided through educational applications and games. Digital access can expose children to new ideas and facts. Social media allows children to interact with others. Young minds are captivated by technology.

Negative effects of technology include:

Excessive screen usage can impair concentration and attention. Anger and animosity may be heightened by aggressive content. Social networking can have a negative impact on self-esteem. Unmonitored technology crowds out healthful activity. It rewires growing brains.

Tips to reduce the impact of technology on developing brain:

Set an example

Before asking your child to reduce their screen time, first you should reduce yours. Keep track of your screen time. Apart from work or online meetings avoid scrolling your social media now and then. What you do your kids will follow, so set a good example. Instead for using smartphones and laptops in your free time, read some books and make your children realize that books are equally entertaining.

Step by step

First check the total screen time of your child in a day. Then start to cut that time, day by day like half an hour every second day, as it is impossible to ask children to completely cut down all the electronic devices at a time, but if they reduce gradually soon they will use only for their recommended time.

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Set a schedule

Your success depends upon your plans. Always plan the screen time with the concern of your kids and set the schedule. Like allowing screen time only after doing their homework or other studies and works. Make screen time a privilege rather than a right.

Stick to the rules

Whatever rules you have made, just stick to the rules. Always remember that you are the boss and you make the rules. There can be some conflicts initially but make them understand the importance of limiting screen time.

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Screen free bedroom

Make your bedroom screen free. Using electronic devices just before sleep affects your sleep cycle, making it hard for you to fall asleep at night. And if kids do not have proper sleep at night they will wake up tired and don’t have energy to do activities during the day. Rather place the TV, computer, laptop and phones in some central location, and ask your child to use any device in that location only, so that you can better monitor the screen time of kids.

Encourage other activities

Encourage kids for other activities like reading, craft work, indoor games and doing puzzles. You can also engage them in some household works like helping you in gardening, cooking and cleaning, this will also strengthen your bond with your kids.

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Outdoor activities

Outdoor playing and exercise is essential for overall well being of kids and a best way to keep them away from screen. Engage them in some sports like summing, badminton or any game of their interest.

Screen free zone

Establish a zone in your house where any type of screens are not allowed. Make some time for your family when the screen stays off like at meals and before bed time.

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Foods that help in Brain development

1. Nuts: Almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and macadamia nuts all have unique qualities to offer. Macadamias support healthy brain function, while pistachio nut oils store fatty acids and fight inflammation. Almonds aid with memory improvement.

2. Seeds: Flaxseeds are a great source of fibre and omega-3 fats. They help in enhancing the parts of the brain involved in controlling mood and cognition. Ground Flaxseeds can be easily added to baked goods, oatmeal, sprinkled on salads, or desserts. Similarly according to research, Muskmelon seeds help in increasing oxygen flow to the brain thereby calming and making it stress free. Thus seeds rich in omega-3 and Vitamin E  help in maintaining brain health.

3. Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha’s most highly valued advantages include its beneficial effects on stress , anxiety, attention span and mood. The ingredients in ashwagandha have anti-inflammatory, brain-protective, and stress-reducing properties that may shield your body from a number of ailments.

4. Shankhapushpi: According to Ayurveda, Shankhpushpi relieves tension and anxiety while calming the brain. Its Medhya (improves intelligence) characteristic also helps memory by functioning as a brain tonic. Take Shankhpushpi powder with warm milk or water as it assists in improving focus, attention and memory.

5. Brahmi: As per earlier studies, brahmi helps in enhancing focus and memory. Some of the chemical constituents in brahmi stimulate the neural pathways involved in cognition, which aids in the development of cognitive skills. This plant is also used to treat dementia, ASD and other mental diseases like Alzheimer’s.

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