This can takeaway your Digestion worry Forever

Digestion is amongst the most common concerns in kids today. This is primarily due to the food choices. Most of the meals nowadays comprises easy-to-consume options e.g. plain roti, yellow dal, potato, bread, white rice, pasta, cake, soup, noodles, cookies. While these food choices don’t lack nutrition entirely (if made at home), they do miss out on an essential macro-nutrient- Fibre.

Fibre is the non-digestible carbohydrate. It is responsible in keeping our digestion healthy and regular. Constipation is a nutrient-deficient disease which is caused by lack of fibre. The usual cycle of digestion is between 1 to 1.5 days. However, with the current food choices, this time has become 4 days. So even though your child may be regular, he might still be 4 days late (constipated).

Fibre travels to the large intestine without being digested and also helps to flush out toxins like excess cholesterol, lead, mercury etc that get released from food. In the absence of Fibre, these waste products get reabsorbed by the body. In addition, fibre is also the food for the good bacterias living in the large intestine (gut).

In older times, humans had the capacity to consume 100g fibre since plants were more accessible than hunting animals for survival. This has reduced to 1/10th now. Just with the addition of Banana Stem, a child can meet the daily fibre requirement considerably. Banana stem is 60% fibre, which is a god-sent solution to improper digestion.

  • Banana stem is extremely high in Vitamin B6, which keeps haemoglobin high, gives ample energy and helps kids fight weakness, fatigue and crankiness. Lower haemoglobin results in lower cognition in kids and this can carry on till later in life. 
  • Learn to make an easy dish using Banana stem

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