Travel foods for babies: What to pack when you are travelling with a baby?

Kids are always excited about trips. And yes!! Picnics are fun and we make many memories along the way. But when you plan trips with kids you need to think about everything. It can be clothes, toys and most importantly travel foods to pack for baby. (What are baby’s first foods?)

And when it comes to foods and travel, every parent’s mind is flooded with questions about the  type and amount of travel foods to carry? It is also important to take something which is simple and hassle free. So that everyone, including yourself, has a good time on the vacation. There are a few great travel foods that can be considered, regardless of the mode of transportation, such as a car or plane. This article highlights the baby food for travel along with their recipes. (What are some remedies & tips to stop postpartum hair fall?)


If the age of your baby is between six and twelve months, it’s important to choose the right meal for them. Since they are fairly new in the process of being introduced to solids.

Below are few baby foods for travel:


Milk is the complete food for babies and toddlers. Especially for babies below 12 months of age, milk is the major nutrient source. While travelling in a private vehicle, you can nurse your child, but it can be a problem in public areas. However, you can pump breast milk in advance and feed your baby at mealtimes. (Which milk is best for babies?)


You can always carry fruits or veggie purees as travel foods for your baby. Keep the mash ready and add a little amount of water or milk while you feed. 


Porridge can be prepared using moong dal, rice or any other cereal. These are easy to digest and require less time for preparation. It  is a great source of nutrition and keeps the baby full during the journey. (Food chart for 6 months old baby.)

Travel foods for toddlers :

Infants and toddlers between the ages of one and three are now more familiar with eating solid food, but they still require travel foods that are hygienic, not spicy, and well-cooked.

Veggies and fruits

Different fruits and vegetables are also a great option while travelling. Veggies and fruits provide a satisfying crunch with a load of vitamins, fiber and minerals. It’s easy to carry fresh vegetables like cherry tomatoes, blanched broccoli or cauliflower, and small carrots and fruits such as grapes, bananas, apples and  berries. (Why banana and apple are so good for kids?)

Energy bars

Energy or granola bars can be easily made at home with healthy components. They are delicious and filling, on top of that, they also keep your child energised throughout the trip. 


Children can enjoy date and dry fruit chikkis, rajgira or peanut chikkis while traveling. This type of food is healthy and has a longer shelf life.


Traveling with this superfood is a breeze, and it’s loaded with minerals like calcium. They are light on their tummy and kids love the taste of different flavours. Pack in proper containers and keep it in a cool place.


Nuts and dried fruits are arguably the greatest snacking options that can help maintain energy levels, ease digestion, and help you fuel up for the rest of the day. As long as there are no nut allergies in your home, nuts are a fantastic and nutritious baby food for travel. (How nuts & seeds are good for health?)


Muffins are always the kid’s favourite and healthy grab-on-the-go snack especially while travelling. When it comes to foods and travel, home-made foods are the best.   You can make home-made muffins using healthy ingredients like whole wheat, fruits (apple, banana) and seeds. (Recipe for muffins)

Roasted Makhana

Makhana is a great healthy food for kids as it supports brain development. They are also loaded with bone strengthening minerals. Moreover, it is loaded with protein, fiber, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and carbohydrates. (Why makhana are a healthy snack option for kids?)


Ideal drinks for babies and toddlers are milk and water. Also carry a few fruit juices that your child likes. Keep them hydrated. (What are some summer drinks for kids?)

8 healthy Travel foods recipes:

Foods and travel are always the best combo.Kids love snacking while travelling.Here are some of the tasty and healthy baby food for travel:

Snacks :

Banana and Apple Muffins

Travel foods for babies & toddlers
Banana & apple muffins
Banana & Apple Muffins Recipe

Dates energy bars

Dates Energy Bars
Foods For Travel
Dates Energy Bars

Roasted sweet potato wedges / Fries

Foods and Travel
Sweet Potato Wedges
Sweet Potato Fries(Baked) Recipe

Pumpkin Seed Millet Crackers

Recipe for Pumpkin seeds millet crackers
Foods and Travel
Pumpkin seeds millet crackers recipe

Ragi Chocolate Cream Biscuit

Choco cream biscuit recipe
Foods for travel
Travel foods
Choco cream biscuit recipe

Meals :

Pumpkin millet pancakes

Pumpkin pancakes recipe
Pumpkin pancakes

Radish Paneer Paratha 

Paneer paratha recipe
Paneer paratha recipe

Mixed sprout chaat

Sprout chaat recipe
Sprout chaat recipe

Travel Foods to avoid while traveling with your baby:

When traveling with a newborn, there are some travel foods you should avoid. To ensure a stress-free trip for you and your baby, cross these foods off your list:

  • Packaged oily snacks should be avoided as they may cause problems related to digestion.
  • Soft drinks – with high sugar
  • Spill-prone liquid foods should be avoided. Children cannot handle liquid foods and they easily spill it.
  • Never carry new and untested foods that may not go well with your baby.
  • Do not carry foods that are prone to spoilage. 

Travelling with your baby should be a special experience to both of you. Carry foods that are easy to feed your baby and make sure the whole journey is stress free. To make the trip enjoyable, you must exert some effort and have a lot of patience. 

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