Truth Of Sprouted Dal and Chana

Moong Dal and Chana are a great food choice. They are loaded with nutrition. So what exactly makes them even better after sprouting?

Regular Dal or Chana is just a seed taken from its plant. When given further water and heat, this seed has the capability to grow another plant from it. Which means that once soaked this seed gears up all the necessary superpowers (nutrients) to germinate and grow into a plant.


During sprouting, the seed releases enzymes that lays the nutritional foundation for it to become a plant. So, just when the seed sprouts and is sufficiently loaded with nutrients and enzymes, we consume it. These enzymes also help in our digestion process.

Enzymes created during sprouting also breaks down the phytic acid present in some seeds. Phytic acid is also called ‘anti-nutrient’ because it makes it difficult for humans to absorb certain vitamins and minerals from food source. By sprouting, the phytic acid of the seed breaks down and it becomes easier for humans to absorb more vitamins and minerals from the sprouted seed.

Not just sprouting, soaking the grains (like dal and rice) can also help in additional absorption of more vitamins and minerals by breaking down the phytic acid of the grain.

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