What Does Sugar Do To Your Skin?

Sugar is not just the white stuff you add to your tea or coffee, but the corn flour, maida, pasta, white bread, most of the market bread, canned juices, sodas, iced teas, anything containing fructose corn syrup as its ingredient etc. While these are not that good for your body either, they tend to show off a bit more on your skin.

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Free radicals <> Inflammation <> Acne

Free radicals are the electrons (like a villain) which are produced after consumption of sugar (direct and indirect) and can damage the skin while trying to grab an extra (electron) partner from other healthy cells in the body. This reaction causes direct damage to skin’s DNA which results in lower collagen, wrinkles, dark spots, sagging and accelerated skin aging. To fight off these villains (free radicals), body gets ready to attack back through Inflammation process by releasing some chemicals in the body. And since there is no clear injury that the body can fight, the chemical is simply exposed to the body. This tends to result in further problems on skin. Lastly, after you consume any sugar (direct or indirect), your body releases insulin to control the increased blood sugar levels. This environment of stress in the body produces a stress hormone which boosts your skin oil production making it more greasy and hence leading to acne.

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