Sugar Effects on Body: Problems with added sugar


Sugar effects on body of both kids and adults. Aging and immunity are compromised with sugar intake. This is true for kids and adults both. We both process the sugar in a similar way. Even internally, our organs are aging or weakening with sugar intake.

Sugar causes inflammation in the body which results in joint pains, and also damage the protein fiber which is responsible in keeping your skin firm and youthful.. Everything that the child picks up to eat today has strains of added sugar in some form or the other. The food industry has understood the formula to entice more and more kids towards their products- ADD SUGAR! However, sugar has many positives and contains healthy nutrients, if you take it in its natural form. In processed form, large intake of sugar can harm the growth and performance of a child. Sugar damages the protein in our body, resulting in ageing of organs, which further compromises immunity, growth and functioning.

Sugar is labelled in 50 different names- raw sugar, cane sugar, agave, corn syrup, brown sugar, extra refined white sugar, juice concentrates, fruit juices and so on- we need to educate ourselves on the ingredients being used. Get rid of sugar early in life!

Enjoy DATES!

Date sugar is made by drying and powdering the dates. It is an easier sweetener to add to baked goods like cakes and cookies, and also to porridge and oat meals. Apart from making the dish sweet, it is a powerhouse of antioxidants, iron and fiber. by using healthy sugar alternatives you can minimize the sugar effects on body(Recipe for Almond oats date cookies)

Almond Coconut Dates cookies- all natural sugar used

Naturally occurring sugar in fruits and vegetables are safe. Habits started early on (in kids also) will go a long way in keeping the body fit and young for many years to come. (Healthy sugar alternatives for kids)


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We know that preparing and feeding healthy foods everyday is a huge task. Even more tough when kids are picky eaters. Kids prefer certain foods and formats. It is not easy to feed kids bitter Ayurvedic herbs, variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds everyday.
Mixed with Ayurvedic herbs, this unique product is an easy solution to feed daily nutrition for Immunity, Brain development, Bone strength and overall-growth to kids without any fuss.

Let’s try to make every food a child wants to eat more tasty and nutritious with (hidden) veggies, herbs and nuts.

India’s First Tasty Kids Nutrition fortified with Ayurvedic herbs.

If your child is a picky eater or does not take enough nutrition for the day, you can give ‘5 Ayurvedic herbs and 7 Nuts’ chocolate or savoury spreads to meet daily Nutrition ORDER | 0% preservative

Daily Nutrition for: Immunity, Brain development, Bones and Overall growth

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