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We cover blogs on food and health for babies, kids, teenagers and adults. Our team does thorough research before publishing any article. If you wish to contribute to blogs, please whatsapp us.

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Researching a concern requires dedication, knowledge and time. We at Iyurved put all this together before sharing any of the blogs on food and health with you. Not just fellow articles, we also go though multiple research papers to understand the claims made in clinical research. We believe that every health concern can be managed beforehand through the right nutrition. Making the right choice of food at an early age goes a long way in keeping the body and mind healthy and active.

Kids at a tender age don’t show any severe signs of deteriorating health. However, they too are ageing. Their body cells are also beginning to slow down. Not as much as adults. To delay the cell ageing and to maintain active body cells in our kids body, we need to supplement them with complete daily nutrition. Food is the only medicine which can be taken for life. Its not only tasty but also dependable. Make the right choice. Make the choice early.