How to get a sound sleep by eating this?

How to get a sound sleep? many parents are looking for the answer for this question. A decent night sleep can make a positive impact on your child’s entire day. When your body does not have enough rest or sleep you may feel cranky and irritated but when it comes to kids, the effects of sleep deprivation (insufficient sleep) can leads to many developmental issues. Kids need to get enough sleep so they can play, learn and perform well.

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Benefits of Pistachios

Melatonin is a hormone produced by our brain to regulate the body’s internal clock and control daily sleep cycles. Since melatonin can be found in variety of foods, including them in your kid’s diet can help in sound sleep.

Pista contains Melatonin. Just two Pistachios can provide enough dose of Melatonin which helps a child sleep better.

Go pop it in 30-60 minutes before bedtime! Packed with protein, vitamin B6, and magnesium, this nut has all that contributes to better sleep. It is a natural source of melatonin which induces sleep. Just a few pistachios an hour before bedtime can do the trick for kids as well as adults.

  • Pistas are also a good source of protein, fibre, good oils and antioxidants. They are low on sodium too. Daily consumption of 15-20 Pistachios can support brain development, immunity and high energy levels.

Feedback from parents on Sleep well chocolate spread


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