Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds for Kids

Most of us know pumpkin as the fruit used for decorating Jack-o’- lanterns for Halloween, but other than just being a decorative fruit or vegetable, pumpkin offers numerous health benefits to your kids. This winter squash is not a vegetable, but rather a healthy fruit that also contains nutritious edible seeds. The origin of pumpkin […]

5 seeds that are high in protein

5 seeds that are high in protein

Protein is considered the body’s building block and repair agent and is integral in forming enzymes and hormones in the body. From digestion to immunity, from hair to nails, everything requires protein. Other than protein rich foods, it is important to feed children these seeds that are high in protein. What does protein do? Protein […]

Recipe For Healthy Crackers

Recipe: Pumpkin Seed Millet Crackers with hidden herbs and nuts Kids love to eat Crackers. This recipe for healthy crackers with millets & pumpkin seeds can help to add nutrition to their favorite foods in a convenient way. Kid’s Nutrition is very important nowadays and preparing healthy food recipes for a child is not an […]

Hummus Recipe with Pumpkin

HuMMUS RECIPE WITH PUMPKIN, herbs and nuts Kids love to eat spreads. Preparing a hummus recipe with pumpkin helps to add nutrition to their favourite foods in a convenient way. Pumpkin is a fruit. However, many cook this and eat it. In India, pumpkin in Hindi is called ‘Kaddu’ or ‘petha’. Kid’s Nutrition is very […]

10 Foods for Your Child’s Brain Development

There is no magic pill to prevent cognitive decline. However, consuming a lot of nuts, fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains can protect the brain from early aging and (now common) dysfunctions. Some child brain development food are must to include in your kids diet to boost brain power. Nutrients like omega-3, B vitamins and […]

Impact of Sleep Disorder on Kid’s Brain Development

Sleep is an essential part of everyone’s routine. Studies have shown that kids who regularly get adequate amounts of sleep have improved attention, behaviour, learning, memory and most importantly, mental and physical health. Sleep disorder leaves negative impact of brain development. Most of a baby’s brain development happens during night sleep. This is the time […]

Why Deworming in kids is necessary?

Every parent wishes to give their child a better environment and a healthy life. But Presence of worms in the stomach or intestine of your kid can shatter this wish of yours. Deworming in kids is necessary as these worms badly affect the growth and development of kids.(How to help your baby in growth and development?) […]