Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds for Kids

Most of us know pumpkin as the fruit used for decorating Jack-o’- lanterns for Halloween, but other than just being a decorative fruit or vegetable, pumpkin offers numerous health benefits to your kids. This winter squash is not a vegetable, but rather a healthy fruit that also contains nutritious edible seeds. The origin of pumpkin […]

Recipe of Pumpkin Pancakes with Millet

Recipe of Pumpkin pancake with millet and hidden herbs and nuts Kids love to eat pancake. This recipe of pumpkin pancake with millet helps to add nutrition to their favorite foods in a convenient way. Kid’s Nutrition is very important nowadays and preparing healthy food recipes for a child is not an easy task. Iyurved is happy […]

Recipe of Sweet with Nuts, Seeds and Dates

Recipe of Nuts and Seeds Sweet with dates and hidden herbs Kids will love to eat sweets. This recipe of sweet with nuts, seeds and dates helps to add nutrition to their favourite foods in a convenient way for parents to feed them nutrition. Kid’s Nutrition is very important nowadays and preparing healthy food recipes […]

Best Nuts and Seeds for Protein

The Protein Consumption in the Diet of Adult Indians Survey, a pan India survey stated that 9 out of 10 Indians consumed less than adequate proteins daily. 91% of the vegetarians and 85% of the non-vegetarians were consuming less food with protein. A typical-Indian meal served in homes of north or south or central India […]

Hummus Recipe with Pumpkin

HuMMUS RECIPE WITH PUMPKIN, herbs and nuts Kids love to eat spreads. Preparing a hummus recipe with pumpkin helps to add nutrition to their favourite foods in a convenient way. Pumpkin is a fruit. However, many cook this and eat it. In India, pumpkin in Hindi is called ‘Kaddu’ or ‘petha’. Kid’s Nutrition is very […]

5 seeds that are high in protein

5 seeds that are high in protein

Protein is considered the body’s building block and repair agent and is integral in forming enzymes and hormones in the body. From digestion to immunity, from hair to nails, everything requires protein. Other than protein rich foods, it is important to feed children these seeds that are high in protein. What does protein do? Protein […]

Down syndrome and Vision


People with Down Syndrome (DS) are more likely to experience a variety of vision issues that might hinder the growth of their visual abilities. According to the study, over 50% of people with DS have ocular illness, which can range in severity from a minor diagnosis like malformed tear ducts to serious disorders like cataracts, […]

Learning disability in kids

learning disability

Does your youngster have trouble connecting letters and sounds? Or, are they unable to distinguish between words with similar sounds or rhyming words? Or, having issues with spelling, reading, or writing? These are some of the signs and symptoms of learning disability. In general, 5% of school age children are affected by learning disabilities. Learn how […]

Autism and behaviour issues

behavior issue

Anxiety, tantrums, and aggression are common in autistic children regardless of age, ability, or schooling. 53% of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) exhibit emotional and behavioral issues. There are numerous ways for children to exhibit behavioral issues, and symptoms may differ from one child to the next. Some children have very mild symptoms, while […]