Preventing Obesity – Natural ways of reducing weight!

Oh, I have gained weight! Do you have anything to lose weight? I look fat! I am tired of people calling me fat! DO you have any natural ways for preventing obesity? Every social media platform as well as in person meets discuss this topic. Weight loss! Well, who doesn’t love a flat tummy? We all do. 

The pandemic has made us more careless, either knowingly or unknowingly, about the weight that we are putting on. Putting on weight is always much easier than getting rid of it.  And the fact is, belly fat is much more difficult to get rid of. There are multiple reasons for gaining weight. Excessive eating, medication, no physical activities, unhealthy diet, over sleeping, some illness or hormonal changes.

All these obsessions of losing weight desperately leads us to fall for the market that is full of unsure weight loss products, fad diets, drugs, supplements, meal replacements and what not. But, do you know that they may harm your health too? For sometime you might feel that you are losing weight but whenever you stop that, you again start gaining weight. Weight to height ratio is of prime importance gaining or reducing weight is considered.

However, there are some science backed and holistic methods for preventing obesity.

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13 Ways for preventing obesity:

Drink water:

It’s easy as it says. Drinking water before meals reduces the calorie intake in middle aged people. Also, drinking half a liter of water may increase the calorie you burn by 20-30% for an hour afterwards. Drinking water frequently replaces the other high calorie beverages which tend to increase weight.

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Eat slowly:

Fast and mindless eating can lead to overeating and weight gain. When you eat fast, you tend to eat a lot more food than what your body needs. And hence, end up eating a lot more calories. Chewing food slowly helps to take up fewer calories and also increases the production of hormones linked with weight loss.

Avoid added sugar:

Added sugar is hidden in various processed foods and beverages which make them addictive. You don’t even realize that you’re consuming added sugar. Minimizing or eliminating added sugar is a great way of preventing obesity as most sugar comes from fructose which is later converted into fat cells that causes obesity. Instead drink herbal tea, black coffee or green tea.

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Add protein in your diet:

Protein is the king when it comes to weight loss. Consumption of protein makes you feel fuller, reduces craving, reduces appetite and regulates the appetite hormone. Protein rich diets can boost metabolism as you burn calories when digesting the protein you eat. All weight loss diet include proteins too.

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Use smaller plates:

Using smaller plates has a positive physiological effect. This impacts the potion control and helps you eat less.

Limit your refined carbs:

Refined carbohydrates are those from which the fibers and other nutrients are removed. It only remains with easily digestible carbs which tend to make you eat more. If you eat refined carbohydrates, the influx of sugar from it, tends the liver to release the fat in the bloodstream. Limiting carbs helps reduce weight as you will burn stored fat for energy. Also, it helps in reducing the bad cholesterol.

Enough sleep:

This is good news for all those who are aiming for weight loss. Studies state that insufficient or poor sleep may slow down the metabolism and when metabolism is less effective it stores fat. Moreover, it also hikes insulin production which promotes fat storage. Adequate sleep is important so as to prevent future weight gain. It also affects the appetite and sleep hormones which results in weight gain.

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Fiber rich Food:

Eating more fibers gives you the feeling of fullness i.e., they release the satiety hormones. It also helps in digestion. This makes us eat less naturally, hence promoting weight loss.

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Exercising daily is the greatest way of burning calories. It not only helps weight loss but it improves mental health too. Cardio, jogging, cycling, swimming are some great ways. Yoga, meditation, breathing exercise helps in maintaining mental health. Even a 30 mins heavy workout on a daily basis helps preventing obesity.

Add spice to your food:

Capsaicin, which is the active component found in chillies, helps in boosting the metabolism, burning fat, reducing appetite and reducing calorie intake. Adding up a bit of spice to your food is beneficial.

Gut healthy foods:

Every individual has different gut bacteria. Probiotics are live bacterias which when consumed provide health benefits. Overweight and obese people tend to have the bacteria that influences weight gain. Probiotics helps in blocking the absorption of the dietary fat and reduces the appetite.

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Mindful eating:

Mindful eating is a practice of developing awareness of hunger and satiety cues. It enables people to make conscious food choices, pay attention to what they are eating and helps them to enjoy the food along with maintaining a proper weight. Mindful eating must be practiced in order to reduce weight.

Reduce stress:

Stress is the main cause of eating more and unhealthy too which of course, leads to weight gain. Constant stress triggers the stress hormone, cortisol to remain in the bloodstream which increases your appetite. Being stress free and emotionally well helps you in weight loss.

herbs and spices for preventing obesity and reducing weight:

Pairing these ayurvedic remedies along with a healthy diet and exercise is a great combination for preventing obesity. These herbs and spices that we use on a regular basis turns out to be useful for weight loss. Taking in adequate amounts and not over boarding it helps. Here are a few of them listed below.


Cinnamon, an aromatic spice, helps in stabilizing blood sugar and curbs craving. Thus, reducing hunger and appetite which aids weight loss. A cupful of cinnamon tea in the morning helps to a great extent. You can also add up cinnamon to your daily foods.

Fenugreek seeds:

Galactomannan, is the active component present in fenugreek. This helps in weight loss by keeping you fuller for a longer time.  Moreover, it helps in digestion, curbs cravings and increases metabolic rate. Make powder of roasted fenugreek seeds. Mix with warm water and drink on an empty stomach.

Green coffee bean extract:

These are unroasted coffee beans which are high in chlorogenic acid. This accounts for its potential weight loss properties. Take green coffee bean powder in a cup of hot water. Let it rest for 5 mins. Strain and drink. Be consistent for a month or two.

Pterocarpus Marsupium:

This is used in various ayurvedic medicines which aids weight loss. It has fat reducing properties and ensures a healthy digestive system. To get the results, boil this in water. Strain and drink.


The primary step to lose weight is proper digestion. Peppermint and spearmint tend to have appetite suppressing properties. It also eases digestion. Spearmint helps in boosting the estrogen level which helps fight weight gain because of hormonal balance. You can take min tea or add it to your daily preparations.

Chilli pepper:

Capsaicin, which is the main component of chili pepper, is responsible for boosting the body metabolism by increasing the temperature. More the metabolism, the more the calories burn. Also, it reduces hunger and calorie intake promoting weight loss. Just add a little bit of spice to your food.


Ginger, along with the other herbs, shows the thermogenic properties. It helps in decreasing the fat absorption and increasing the fat burning. Ginger and cinnamon tea works great. You even add up in your everyday meals.

Foods that aid weight loss:

If you do not wish to get supplements or heavy diets don’t work for you, here are a few natural foods and beverages that help to increase your metabolism and promote fat loss. Moderate intake is recommended.

Eggs: Nutrient dense, high protein, makes you fuller and boosts fat burning.

Fish: Contains omega 3 fatty acids and proteins.

Beans, legumes and lentils: High protein, high fibre. Gives satiety feeling.

Vegetables: Both cruciferous and green leafy vegetables are low calories and high in fibre. Keeps you full.

Black coffee and green tea: Caffeine rich. Boosts metabolism. Good for both mental and physical health. Promote weight loss.

Nuts: High protein and fiber. Good fat. Energy dense. Gives satiety.

Coconut oil: Rich in medium chain triglycerides. Reduce appetite. Increase fat loss. Boost overall health.

Fruits: Best for keeping you hydrated. Low calories. Antioxidants and nutrient rich. High fibre.

Boiled potatoes: Filling food. Reduce appetite.

Apple cider vinegar: Reduce blood sugar after meals. Curb’s appetite. (Benefits of apple cider vinegar)

Yoghurt: Gut healthy food. Protect muscle mass. Increase fat burning. Rich source of protein and calcium.

Dark chocolate: Contains flavonoids. Induce satiety.


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