5 foods that help your child in sleeping well

Is your child facing difficulty in falling asleep? Do they often wake up multiple times during the night? Are they getting the recommended amount of sleep according to their age? Do you think your child is not sleeping well because of anxiety issues?

A proper night sleep is one of the most important factors in your kids overall development and an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. A decent sleep can make a positive impact on your child’s entire day. When your body does not have enough rest or sleep you may feel cranky and irritated but when it comes to kids, the effects of sleep deprivation (insufficient sleep) can lead to numerous developmental issues. Kids need to get enough night sleep so they can achieve their necessary growth milestones, play, learn and perform well. Not just for routine chores, but also for the brain to function at its best, it has to be well rested.

Studies have shown that kids who regularly get adequate amounts of sleep have improved attention, behaviour, learning, memory and most importantly, mental and physical health. Sleep disorder leaves a negative impact on brain development. Most of a baby’s brain development happens during night sleep. 10 days of 6 hours sleep, leads to a 400% dip in concentration. Most of the kids don’t get enough sleep as they are often busy with school, studies, sports and other activities.

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Kids who sleep less can suffer from:

  • Crankiness or irritation
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of interest, alertness and motivation
  • Academic struggles
  • Trouble in concentrating
  • Headache from lack of sleep (Yes! this happens in kids too)

Foods to help kids in sleeping well


Nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios and cashews are often considered to be a good food source for sleep. They contain melatonin (sleep hormone) as well as magnesium, vitamin B6, protein and zinc. Magnesium is helpful in promoting sleep because of its ability to reduce inflammation (body heat). The level of stress hormone cortisol, which is known to interrupt sleep, can be reduced by including nuts in your diet.

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Pumpkin seeds

A study published in 2005 in Nutritional neuroscience suggested that consuming tryptophan alongside a carbohydrates source is one of the best ways to treat sleep deprivation. Pumpkin seeds may be small but they are packed with valuable nutrients. They are rich in healthy fats, magnesium, fiber, antioxidants and zinc. If your kid has trouble sleeping, give a few pumpkin seeds before bed with small amounts of carbohydrates such as a piece of fruit. It may be beneficial in providing the body with tryptophan needed for melatonin production, which can lead to better sleep. For younger kids, powdered pumpkin seeds can be an option.


Chamomile is considered to be a safe and effective way to help a child relax. It’s a dried flower. These flowers are white and yellow and look like beautiful little daisies. Native to Europe and Asia. For centuries, it has been used for medicinal purposes to calm the mind and mildly induce sleep.It Improves relaxation and relieves stress, reduces anxiety, promotes sleep and relieves insomnia.

Lemon balm:

Lemon balm extracts: A Phytomedicine Compound Improves Symptoms of Hyperactivity, Attention Deficits, and Impulsivity in Children. As per the study conducted by NIH, The fraction of children having strong/very strong symptoms of poor ability to focus decreased from 75% to 14%, hyperactivity from 61% to 13%, and impulsiveness from 59% to 22%. Parent rated social behavior, sleep and symptom burden showed highly significant improvements.


Pure Cocoa powder (unsweetened) contains brain boosting components as it is packed with a large number of antioxidants molecules, the main is epicatechin which is helpful to improve cognition in studies. Hence, cocoa powder is also an important brain development food for children.


This is a great research for kids stating how chamomile and lemon balm are 100% effective and safe.

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Foods to avoid

Refined sugar: Sugar has been shown to increase restlessness at night and nighttime awakenings. The insulin helps your body to break down the sugar and convert it into energy at a time when your body needs to rest. As a result, you may end up feeling overstimulated and restless due to the excess energy. In a recent study, scientists offered strong evidence that sleep and sugar don’t mix. Moreover, sugar damages the protein in our body, resulting in ageing of organs, which further compromises immunity, growth and functioning.

Preservetives: Most of the packaged food companies are adding artificial preservatives to delay spoilage and contamination in foods.  Artificial preservatives such as nitrates, benzoates, sulfites, sorbates, parabens, formaldehyde, BHT, BHA and several others can cause serious health hazards such as hypersensitivity, allergy, asthma, hyperactivity, neurological damage.

Refined oil: The high temperature involved in the refining process removes all the natural and beneficial substances from the oil, which is not good for the digestive as well as respiratory health and ultimately affects your immunity.

How to feed all these foods to kids?

Now the question arises- how to include all these bitter Ayurvedic herbs, nuts, seeds and antioxidants in your child’s diet?

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  • Carbohydrates: provides energy
  • Protein: helps support muscle development
  • Fats: supports brain development
  • Fiber: supports digestion
  • Vitamin A, E: protects eyes and builds immunity
  • Vitamin B: supports energy formation in the body
  • Selenium, Vitamin C, and Zinc: builds immunity
  • Iron and Copper: provides energy and supports brain development
  • Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Manganese, Vitamin K: supports bone development

Tasty Nutrition for peaceful sleep in kids

1-2 Spoons one hour before bed time


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