Gut and Brain Connection in Autism

Autism or Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects communication and behaviour,  is estimated to affect about 1 in 54 children.  Around 50% of the parents notice autistic signs by the time their child reaches 12 months and the remaining notice symptoms by 2 years. There are many causes for autism in kids and symptoms may also vary from child to child. In some kids, the symptoms are very mild while in certain cases symptoms are high. This read will help you understand the connection of gut with brain health, as well as in improving symptoms of autism in kids.


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Gut and Brain Connection in Autism:

A gene mutation disrupts neuron transmission in the brain, which has been identified as a cause of autism, as well as causing gut dysfunction. Can modifying the bacteria in the stomach which interacts with the brain (via the gut-brain axis), enhance mood and behaviour? “YES”! People with autism frequently have gut issues. Research supports a gut-brain nerve system relationship in autism- treating the gut might help with behavioural abnormalities linked with autism.

Introducing prebiotics and probiotics rich foods to the child with autism can help with both digestive and behavioural issues. Gut bacteria produce bioactive substances or metabolites that increase the activity of GABA receptors that help to regulate brain function, sensory processing, social development (Speech delay and interaction) and also repetitive behaviour.

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Prebiotics can help you improve your response time, mood, learning memory, speech as well as social interaction and behaviour. Here is the simplest way to feed prebiotics to your child every day.

(1) 1 serving of PREBIOTIC GUT DRINK will provide prebiotic essential for healthy gut.

(2) Combine PREBIOTIC GUT DRINK with 1 spoon of BRAIN BOOSTER chocolate Spread to maintain a healthy gut and improve symptoms of autism.

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GUT and BRAIN have a strong connection. Keeping the GUT healthy results in a healthy brain. Adding foods that support brain development can help to improve the symptoms of autism.


Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are an excellent source of prebiotics that promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria. Prebiotics can help you improve your response time, social interaction, mood, learning memory, speech, and eases gastrointestinal disturbances (including diarrhea, pain and constipation). Therefore, it is safe to consume daily dosages of 5-10 g to boost brain function (learning and working memory) and social or repetitive behaviour (anxiety and mood). 

For scientifically proven studies by NIH, Check here.


Lemon and orange are the two best sources of citric acid or vitamin C. Supplementing citrus acid in the diet can help to produce certain bioactive compounds or polyphenols that are required for brain function and also social development. It also improves learning, memory and language and boost cognitive performance, thereby helping in overall brain health. 

For scientifically proven studies by NIH, Check here.


It is a great sugar alternative for refined sugar and is also highly beneficial for kids with autism. It’s sweet and safe (approved by FDA) in its natural form. It has no carbohydrates, calories or any artificial ingredients and is called a “zero-calorie” sweetener.

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Some parents have been kind enough to share their journey with us. Let’s hear them to closely understand the benefits of Ayurvedic spreads by Iyurved.


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