Success Story of 15-year-old Raj who boosted his Self-Confidence and Academic Performance

Raj, Anju’s 15-year-old son, describes his success story in boosting self confidence and enhancing academic performance.

“ I was bullied by my fellow mates in my 9th grade.. I was very hesitant and had low self confidence. I was unable to respond or act in response to anyone who was hitting or abusing me. I had trouble speaking clearly and my academic performance was a bit lower. My teachers even took counselling for me. I had hardly any friends and lacked the self confidence to engage in any extracurricular activity.

My mother came across Iyurved’s brain-booster product and suggested that I try it. I didn’t think any product would help me because my mother had already given me a variety of ayurvedic and homoeopathic medications. Surprisingly, though, I noticed a significant improvement in my speaking and confidence within a couple of months. I was able to attentively sit in class and focus for a longer duration. My academic results also got better.

Now that I know how to respond to those who are mean to me or insult me, I feel better about myself. The guys who made fun of me are now on my friend list. I take part in a lot of sports and extracurricular activities. My teachers are also amazed to see positive changes in me.” 

Raj, 15-year-old boy

Teenagers are quite concerned about being confident and competent around their peers. They have constant anxiety to do well in school, especially in the 10th or 12th grade. Also, the rise in competition in every academic sector compels a student to improvise their ways of grasping and learning things proficiently in order to make the best use of it. Continue reading to know a few tips and ways to improve academic performance. 

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Here are some tips for parents to build self confidence in children and improve academic performance


Any activity starts with the basics, and progresses gradually and firmly to reach the levels of excellence at its advanced stage. In order for your kid’s mind to be stretched to master difficult subjects and be able to adapt to new concepts and themes, academic basics are required for a solid foundation. In other words, students simply need to be prepared for real-life situations and the difficulties that come with them. Apart from this, make certain that your child gets adequate sleep, eats well, practices excellent hygiene, have self confidence and receives regular medical treatment.

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Creative ideas are indeed prolific! Creativity automatically brings in an ability to look at a problem through different perspectives and so also puts healthy stress upon the mind to dig out multiple ideas to arrive at a solution to those problems. Thus though there’s one answer, there can be numerous different ways to arrive at the same. All students need creative thinking skills so that they can participate and interact effectively in life.

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There’s a famous quote written by Thomas Edison that says, “I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that don’t work”. Children must be taught that failures are not bad experiences but mistakes that are not meant to be put to use again. Failure enhances critical thinking as well as information recall. But often students don’t realise how much they may learn from their blunders. It’s simple for them to feel ashamed or think achievement is too far away when faced with failure and put in more effort to accomplish their goals.

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Indeed we all are better than we know, if only we are brought to realise it then we may never again be prepared to settle for anything less! It’s very important for a parent/mentor to acknowledge a child’s efforts behind any particular task. This helps the child understand how to choose a wise approach for the ultimate fulfilment of goals. It strengthens constructive conduct and increases self confidence, motivation and zeal. Positive reinforcement upon completing a set of tasks also helps the child to upgrade and enhance his/her performance levels ahead.

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Technology-based education appears to be a step in the right direction for transforming education. If used in conjunction with the proper motivation and vision, technology and education make an excellent pairing. Nowadays, everything is just available on one click! Thus making the best use of one click to improve studies and achieve academic excellence needs to be deeply impregnated in the minds of children. Installation of computer setup must be done at home in such a way that you can also keep a watchful eye on your children and be aware of what sort of work they are performing upon the computer system. 

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After learning any particular subject, it is equally important to make ready-reckoner retention cards or short notes as it makes their understanding much easier. Provide freedom to the children to retain information upon the cards in whichever way it gets easier for them, either in terms of flowcharts and figures or in terms of short writings. During exam times, it gets easier to just glance through the critical points written down on the cards.

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Practising discipline at things is always must to be consistent with efforts and it indeed helps the children to better understand how to improve studies. When performing any assignment, discipline means being sincere, diligent, inspired, and motivated. Quality of the person’s character aids in finishing the assignment by the deadline. With discipline, an individual can excel with the accomplishment of his aims. 

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There are two ways that enough sleep benefits kids. A child who has had a good night’s sleep is awake and aware and therefore is better able to focus. Second, when one is sleeping, the brain is forming long-term memories and consolidating short-term ones. So also short healthy breaks in between successive learning sessions is must to allow the brain to pause for a while, ingest the things and firmly fix deep within for the long term. 

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CHECKSuccess story of 15-year-old Raj who boosted his Confidence and Academic performance!!


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