What Does Sugar Do To Your Skin?

Sugar is not just the white stuff you add to your tea or coffee, but the corn flour, maida, pasta, white bread, most of the market bread, canned juices, sodas, iced teas, anything containing fructose corn syrup as its ingredient etc. While these are not that good for your body either, they tend to show off a bit more on your skin.

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Free radicals <> Inflammation <> Acne

Free radicals are the electrons (like a villain) which are produced after consumption of sugar (direct and indirect) and can damage the skin while trying to grab an extra (electron) partner from other healthy cells in the body. This reaction causes direct damage to skin’s DNA which results in lower collagen, wrinkles, dark spots, sagging and accelerated skin aging. To fight off these villains (free radicals), body gets ready to attack back through Inflammation process by releasing some chemicals in the body. And since there is no clear injury that the body can fight, the chemical is simply exposed to the body. This tends to result in further problems on skin. Lastly, after you consume any sugar (direct or indirect), your body releases insulin to control the increased blood sugar levels. This environment of stress in the body produces a stress hormone which boosts your skin oil production making it more greasy and hence leading to acne.

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What Does Apple cider vinegar Do?

Apple Cider Vinegar with “Mother” nurtures our gut health by helping the good bacterias (probiotics) to grow and killing the bad bacterias. We have more bacterias (both good and bad) in our body than the number of cells. The more the good bacteria we will have, the less space/ chance we will have for the bad bacteria to grow and flourish.


ACV enables growth of ‘beneficial bacterias’ In the body which help in digesting food and absorbing essential nutrients. Spray ACV mixed with water on your scalp and hair to give that shine and manage flakiness. Dab some ACV on your face as that perfect toner to keep your skin healthy. ACV has the power to balance PH (acid-base levels) in the body, skin, hair, which otherwise can cause irritation, dryness, breakouts etc. Soak your veggies in this mix for twenty minutes to removes toxins.



  • 1 cup Fruit juice (homemade berry or orange)
  • Keep on low flame till it simmers lightly
  • Remove and cool for 1 minute


  • Hot fruit juice + ½ cup Apple cider vinegar + 4 tbsp Gelatin + 2 tbsp Honey (or more)


  • Transfer to any mould or plate. Refrigerate for an hour or more till firm. Cut into shapes. Store in fridge for future use


  • Only use Apple Cider Vinegar with ‘Mother’
  • Don’t over heat juice as it can become bitter
  • Mix ingredients properly till Gelatin dissolves
  • Cut into single dosage size for easy consumption
  • Add more juice to keep it sweet for kids


Whats the Problem with Added Sugar?


Aging and immunity are compromised with sugar intake. This is true for kids and adults both. We both process the sugar in a similar way. Even internally, our organs are aging or weakening with sugar intake.

Sugar causes inflammation in the body which results in joint pains, and also damage the protein fibre which is responsible in keeping your skin firm and youthful.

Sugar is labelled in 50 different names- raw sugar, cane sugar, agave, corn syrup, brown sugar, extra refined white sugar, juice concentrates, fruit juices and so on- we need to educate ourselves on the ingredients being used. Get rid of sugar early in life!

Enjoy DATES!

Almond Coconut Dates cookies- all natural sugar used

Naturally occurring sugar in fruits and vegetables are safe. Habits started early on (in kids also) will go a long way in keeping the body fit and young for many years to come.

Want clear and glowing skin?

Eat 1/4th cup Sunflower seeds!

Sunflower seeds contain linolenic, oleic and palmitic acid, which help in the formation of collagen and elastin, resulting in smooth skin. Consuming 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds also meets 90% of Vitamin E requirement of your body. Vitamin E maintains the colour (Melanin) of your skin and reduces acne.

You can also buy cream or serum with these acids to apply on your skin. Consuming these acids through sunflower seeds is definitely more nutritious since it gives you many more benefits- protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Plus roasted sunflower seed is a great snack too!!